Vivir en miedo es vivir una vida media! -Strictly Ballroom 

These are some things I'd like to do before I die. You can read more about Life lists at Go MIghty

Mad Skillz

  1. Do a pull up
  2. Do a HeadStand
  3. Do a Break Dancing Move
  4. Become competent in a new dance
  5. Dress on the outside like the person I feel I am inside
  6. Run a 7 minute mile
  7. Memorize 5 songs for the piano that I love so I’m always ready to give somebody a special musical moment
  8. Memorize a beautiful poem
  9. Take a ballet class
  10. Do a short culinary school-type class
  11. Run a 10K in under an hour!!!-Woo, yay!
  12. Find my voice
  13. Do the American Lung Society Stair Run
  14. Do an obstacle course race-Check!

In my Dreams

  1. Attend the Opening Ceremonies of an Olympic Games
  2. Speak at a TED Conference
  3. Walk a red carpet
  4. Scream “Live from New York its Saturday Night!!!”
  5. Hold hand with Jordan Knight’s - Check!
  6. Fresh Air with Terry Gross-1/2 Check!


  1. Watch fireworks with Elian
  2. Karaoke with my Dad in Manila
  3. Drink lattes with Arnold and Les Deux Moulins
  4. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with Arnold in NY-Check!
  5. Eat Empanadas at the Museo del Oro with my parents and brothers
  6. Give my son the opportunity to be a serious dancer or musician if he so desires
  7. Take an awesome family portrait
  8. Backpack through Europe with Arnold
  9. Make chocolate cheesecake with Elian
  10. Take my Mom to Savannah
  11. Visit the City Museum in St. Louis with Elian
  12. Read the Chronicles of Narnia with Elian
  13. Read A Wrinkle in Time with Elian
  14. Read Harry Potter with Elian
  15. Help my son go to college
  16. Take Elian to see Les Miserables
  17. See a World Cup Game with Arnold & Elian
  18. Do a cooking project with Elian

Be Brave

  1. Join a dance team
  2. Take a singing class. Sing a solo in front of people.-Check!
  3. Perform in a musical
  4. Stand up on a surf board-Check!
  5. Take a trapeeze class
  6. Take an improv class
  7. Go indoor skydiving
  8. Go on a silent retreat


  1. Grow a flower garden-Check!
  2. Live in a Loft
  3. Buy a big weird building and fix it up MLE style
  4. Compost-Check!
  5. Landscape the front yard-Done!
  6. Convert the garage in the backyard to a “Writer’s Studio/guesthouse”
  7. Have a published house tour
  8. Own a grand piano

Eat it!!!

  1. Eat at Topolobampo
  2. Eat at Delancey in Seattle
  3. Eat at Alinea
  4. Eat 100 things of the SF Big Eat List-In Progress
  5. Write a Big Eat style list for Sacramento
  6. Wield a crème brulee torch-Check!
  7. Throw a crepe party


  1. Barcelona-I want to eat till I cry and see La Sagrada Familia-Check!
  2. Visit La Alhambra-Check!
  3. Hike the Inca Trail on foot
  4. Visit Antarctica
  5. Watch the New Years fireworks at the Sydney Opera
  6. Visit all the landmarks I love from Amelie
  7. Eat the Neapolitan pizza that Liz Gilbert described in Eat. Love. Pray.
  8. Walk the Camino to Santiago de Compostela
  9. Shop the souks in Marrakesh
  10. Hike the Inca Trail
  11. Travel California’s El Camino Real and visit each Mission
  12. Visit Iguazu Waterfalls in Brazil
  13. Ride the Orient Express and see St. Peters Cathedral
  14. See penguins
  15. Get an air pass and go nuts
  16. Attend Comic Con
  17. Attend Camp Mighty-Check!
  18. Torres del Paine
  19. Return to Chile

Do it.

  1. Attend BlogHer conference-Check!
  2. Read the whole bible-Check!
  3. Attend the Black and White Ball
  4. Get paid to publish something
  5. Start a successful endeavor with awesome women
  6. Live in New York for a year
  7. Attend a taping of So You Think You Can Dance-Check!
  8. Pay off our friggin student loans
  9. Just once buy the impractical/too expensive (insert item here)-credit to Allyn
  10. Interview 100 creative people-in progress, Oops got tired, might resume later.
  11. Switch to a custom made theme for this blog-Check!
  12. Design a blog header-Done!
  13. Cook every recipe in a cookbook-Check!
  14. See 100 musicals-In process (Les Miserables, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Wicked, Spring Awakening, Miss Saigon, In the Heights, Phantom of the Opera, 9 to 5, West Side Story, The Music Man, Oklahoma, Cats, Avenue Q, Once, Book of Mormon, Matilda)
  15. Win a contest
  16. Be on a podcast-Check!
  17. Study abroad again
  18. Work at a foundation
  19. Be an extra on a TV show I watch
  20. Work in a creative field
  21. Ride an elephant
  22. Die my hair pink-Check!
  23. Devise and execute a plan to help bring out the better side of my Type 2ishness. 
  24. Purchase a large piece of original art. 
  25. Make Macondo Arts magical and real