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Get Glitter: A little sparkle for lazy girls

My previous jobs had some good perks: free parking, weekly potlucks and (most important!) in-house manicures from my friend Marilyn. Every week we would take a break and she would paint our nails while we chatted about our days, our dreams and our families. I miss our chats, and my nails miss her manicures. I paint my nails like a drunk toddler.

The situation was getting desperate until I procured this clear-glitter polish by OPI. Since the pattern is supposed to be irregular, you can't mess it up! Chips and smudges don't show. Plus, it's Christmas right now, a seasonal excuse for festive fingers. You can get it at Sephora. Enjoy!

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The Mixed Race Project

When I was a kid it was still somewhat unusual to be of mixed race. People would ask me "what I was" on a regular basis or inquire as to where my mother adopted us from. At least here in California it seems to be less of a big deal these days but I always appreciate artists who document the mixed-race experience. Blogger Jenna Park is taking mini-photodocumentaries of mixed race families in their homes If we lived in New York I would sign our family up in a minute! You can check out the project here.

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Book Review: Imaginary Jesus-A Silly Serving of Serious Scenarios

imaginaryjesus by Matt Mikalatos I didn't want to read this book. Recently I've become the type of evangelical Christian who finds everything about evangelical Christianity annoying. Christian bookstores in particular are at the top of my "Places I don't want to Deal with List" so you can imagine that I wasn't like "Hey, let's read this Christian Fiction Humor book" because, really? Christian.Fiction.Humor?

I had another problem too. My friend Matt wrote this book. I imagined myself reading it, hating it and then having to make up some comment that wasn't really a compliment but sounded like one. Something along the lines of "Ooh, the vocabulary was very... current."

Eventually though I decided that my endlessly fruitless anxiety about stupid things did not control me and I read the book. Thank goodness I did, it was hysterical, surprising, satiric and wonderful. A breath of fresh air in the world of "Christia books". So much "Christian" literature is of the self-help, how to succeed variety or the Sunday school lessons with easy answers variety. Imaginary Jesus is neither.

In this tale of epic silliness my friend Matt is the fictional main character whose battling a legion of "Imaginary Jesus's".  Each of these Jesus is a projection of who we think/want/wish Jesus is. There is televangelist Jesus who heals you and wears a white suit and testosterone Jesus who believes in eating red meat everyday and going to men's retreats where you cry and promise that you'll be nicer to your wife. Hippie Jesus believes in peace while War Jesus believes in crusades.

The plot structure is genius. With each Jesus Matt takes a satirical stab at the multiple ways we make Jesus into the image we want Him to be, the underlying suggestion being that we prefer these Imaginary Jesus to looking for the real thing.  Like the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down Imaginary Jesus fed me an important idea: over the past few weeks I've been wondering about my own Imaginary Jesus. What are the ways that I prefer Jesus to be because it's most convenient to me?

To say too much more would spoil some ludicrous and hysterical scenes so I'll stop right here. Matt's second book recently came out and in celebration of that Imaginary Jesus is being offered for free to those with e-readers. You can download a copy here.

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Five for Friday

  1. Blog Love: My friend Matt is not only a real-live published author (the dream!) but he also runs a very cool blog. I am digging this post: a reading list for evangelical Christians written by an ex-Christian theology professor.
  2. Donuts: I pass this new local shop "Doughbot Donut" every day on my way to work. Yesterday I finally gave in and ooh it was heaven. They have a donut called "The Dude" which is filled with Bavarian cream and topped with Kahlua icing. Uh, yeah. I'll be back. Locals can check out their website here
  3. Blog Love Pt. 2: My friend Em is hooked on Rachel Held Evans blog about faith and it's many questions. She has a great series called "Ask a..." in which she does interviews with people from different faiths and perspectives. It's really thought-provoking. Check it out here.
  4. More food: I want to eat everything, everyday on Spoon. Fork. Bacon.

  5. TV: I was hesitant to try out the New Girl but how could I resist Zooey Deschanel. It's still finding it's footing but I think it's pretty funny so far. :)

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Lunch in Paris: Confusing yet Delicious

Lately, I cannot stop reading. More specifically I cannot stop reading food memoirs. Perhaps this is because I secretly wish I was qualified to write one and perhaps it's because I like to eat. Some deep mysteries of life are sadly, unsolvable. Elizabeth Bard has written my all time favorite kind of food memoir, one that combines food with cross-cultural experiences (see Shark Fins Soup and Sichuan Peppers by Fuschia Dunlop for another excellent example).

The gist of the story is this: She falls in love with a French guy and moves to Paris. They eat good food because (according to food memoirs) that is the only kind of food they have in France. She finds herself lost and bored without a work visa. Poor, poor girl. I tried hard to feel sympathetic but I didn't because I personally have to work my ass off every day. She caught me attention though in her description of the French because they sound a heck of a lot like Colombians: late to everything, weird bureaucracy, fatalistic thought process, etc.  She does a wonderful job delineating the cultural differences between the French and Americans. Even better? She does this kindly without looking down her nose at either group which unfortunately is a rare skill.

Admittedly it's not really clear to me why food/recipes are used as a framing device in this book, but I really couldn't care less because the recipes look friggin delicious. If I wasn't buried under 5,000 other food related projects I would be aggressively cooking my way through this book too. Instead I'm recommending it to you in the hopes that you'll cook some of the recipes and invite me over to try them.

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Bel Canto: One Badass Book

Recently I started a new job and I've been trying my best to act like a normal person each day. Given my notoriously large and weird personality you can imagine that it's been taxing. Last week one of my new colleagues stopped me in the hall to talk about a project. I was on my best behavior: no slouching, no sarcasm, no wild hand gestures, no uncontrollable babbling about tacos. We talked shop for a minute and then she turned to me and said quite seriously "I saw that you have Bel Canto in your cube. Isn't it an amazing book?" My eyes widened and I hugged her on impulse while simultaneously shaking her slender shoulders. "I have been DYING to talk about this book" I squealed.

Instead of recoiling and slapping me with a harassment suit she hugged me back in a way that only those who have read Bel Canto would. "I understand" she said as enraptured as I.

"I totally get it".

Bel Canto is beautiful and heartbreaking and complicated and real. Every single character felt like someone I could know. By the end I loved them all. It starts off a bit slow but don't be deceived, this book delivers a wallop. It is quite simply great literature. Right up there with Pym by Mat Johnson and I am the Cheer Captain of Team Pym.

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Five for Friday-Not so Subtle Friday before Birthday Edition

1. Everyone is dying to get there hands on Grace Bonney's first book, right? I am. 2. I love Kelly now and forever. The end. Can't wait for the new album to drop.

3. Bridesmaids is coming out one week after my birthday. I feel that it is fate that someone purchase it for me. Like my mixer I'm sending that wish out into the world. I've already called my friend Kim and we've decided that the first viewing will require us to buy a giant, party-size cookie which we will punch assertively and then eat aggressively.

4. As the Rick Bayless project nears its end I find myself eyeing cookbooks like possible suitors. Will you be the next one I whisper sweetly? This is a def contender. After all I should know how to cook my peoples food. I can't rely on my Dad forever. The recipes in this one are not simple but they are quality. I made the adobo last year and my friends happily slurped it up in Tahoe. Support my peoples and buy it here.

5. This satisfies my multiple geek personalities. Chart geek? Check. Design Geek? Check. Wilipina geek who raps along with TI in the car? Double CH-CH-CHECK! Find it here.





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The End/Beginning

Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else.  I've felt that many times.  My hope for all of us is that 'the miles we go before we sleep' will be filled with all the feelings that come from deep caring -- delight, sadness, joy, wisdom -- and that in all the endings of our life, we will be able to see the new beginnings.-Fred Rogers

Happy End of Summer/First Day of School!

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Do everything in Love

My friend Emily sent me this link the Word Project. Graphic Designer Jim Le Page is making a design for every book of the bible. I love them. They are perfect. The bible is a rough and challenging book and I like the gritty honesty in his prints. My favorite is Romans but on a Friday like today when I'm filled with the memories of the wonderful send-off my former colleagues gave me I can't help but post the print from Corinthians. More info on the project here.

Jim Le Page Word Project

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Necessary Endings

Ms Elaine reccomended this book so I checked it out at the library a few weeks ago. The timing really couldn't have been more perfect: while I was reading this book I received a job offer. I was very anxious about saying goodbye to my current team whom have been my colleagues and weekday companions for the last four year. This book helped me make the decision to accept the offer by reminding me that all new beginnings and growth require endings. Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud

The main objective of this book is to remind readers that endings are a normal and necessary part of life and to encourage people to embrace them rather than fear them. The writer is a pyschologist/business consultant and the majority of the book uses examples that are set in the world of private business but are easily applicable to personal scenarios. I can't say that this book was exciting to read but it had good solid advice that has already started to serve me well.

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Pym-A Smart Novel for Smart People

Pym_A_Novel This book is a double whammy: It is both smart and fun. Did you hear that world? Books can be both SMART AND FUN! I had forgotten that was possible. No, really I had! I am hardly an elitist when it comes to reading, a quick search of this blog will prove that half of my bedside table is celebrity memoirs, but even I have my limits. Periodically I need to engage my brain.

Enter Pym: A Novel by Mat Johnson. Billed by NPR as a satirical take on race relations and Edgar Allen Poe's much aligned novel of the same name I wasn't particular expecting to enjoy the thing. In fact I put off reading it for awhile, renewing from the library twice before actually getting around to it.

I want to go back to myself a few weeks ago and go all Julia Roberts in Pretty woman "Big Mistake. Huge."

This novel is everything, it's entertaining and funny and action-packed. It's satirical and smart and makes you think about things in a non-tedious way. I wish I could knew how to tell you about this book without giving away the amazing and ever-more delirious plot so instead I'll just tell you this. I have not been so desperate to finish a book since I read Harry Potter 7. Well done Mat Johnson. I want to be like you when I grow up.

Ck out the NY Times review of Pym here.

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Five for Friday-Harry Potter Edition

Ugh, I was (as usual) a late-adopter of the Harry Potter mania but once I get on board with something. I get ON BOARD. How could I not? They are beautiful books. I'll be watching the movie tonight wearing a cape with the rest of the nerd herd. 1. This is the definition of Ugly Duckling. I cannot believe how hot that Neville kid turned out. Revenge of the Nerds. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

 2. Blog Love: LaineyGossip is my fav-o-rite gossip site and she is a huge Potter fan, undying nerd love just like me.

3. Re-posting this awesome speech by JK Rowling in which she talks about how her time working at Amnesty International informed Harry's battle against evil. Check it at the Harvard Magazine.

4.Semi-Interesting Fact: At some point I talked about Emma Watson as Hermione Granger on my blog. My stats have been through the roof this week as people look that up. You are welcome Hermione fans.

5. I can't believe it's over. I'll probably cry watching the movie tonight.

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Five for Friday

1.Please somebody make me this pie. Stat!

2. Awwwwww. So sweet.

3. I love that Emma Watson just went crazy. Last premiere is like your Junior Prom, it's only going to happen once, so blow it OUT!

4. Not that I need more cookbooks, but... it's so hot right now.

5. I love SF and these prints.

Marisa Seguin at Etsy

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A Treat for Tuesday

Did you have a good weekend everybody? I hung with my parents, celebrated my little one's THIRD birthday and got up close in-person with my childhood love. I have a lot to say about all of those things but today I have not the energy that those stories demand. I do however have energy for ice cream. In particular Nutella Ice Cream that Tia Dahlia made for Elian's third birthday. This ice cream is friggin good, when we tasted it we produced some indecent sounds. If you don't have an ice cream maker, do what I did a few months ago and send it to a friend with an ice cream maker and cross your fingers that they will produce some and bring it to your house. Find the recipe here.

PS-I checked off another box on my list. No. 63-Make a custom header. Check!

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