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Five for Friday Pt. 42

1. Blog Love: You might have noticed that Arnold and I like to host parties. Yeah that's right, we are fiesta-ani-ma-les. Wha-what?! If we are animales than Ms. Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day is the Queen Lion. Check out her excellent advice for taking parties to the next level here.

2. Dance: More Kanye? Yes please. I'm passing this one off under the guise of dance because this is the first time watching ballerinas has actually made me want to be one. I think these shots are going end up being iconic, like the anarchy cheerleaders in Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit Video. Ugh! I love it so much, that green WALL! The rawness of it all. It reminds me of a quote from Tyler's Creatives interview "humanity's cracked beauty". This is the clean version but might not be the best to show to your young kids unless you want to explain a lot of vocabulary.

3. Food: Bacon Peanut Brittle? Why is the world such a wonderful place? Wait, wait! Don't waste time pondering, just go and get some here. Buy some for me too, okay?

4. Food Pt. 2 - And oh yeah, speaking of wonderful. Deb from Smitten Kitchen is the devil. She posted a recipe for homemade Peanut-Nutella. I am going to need an intervention soon. Click here at your own risk!

5. Design-Nesting place did a sweet post on two of my favorite subjects. The movie Up and Chairs! Ck it out here.

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Five for Friday Pt. 41

1) Blog Love: Arnold and I are absolutely addicted to Top Chef. The current seasons features All-Stars and I honestly can't get enough. In addition to watching to a post-show discussion with Arnold, I also confer telephonically with Justina and send a wrap-up of my thoughts to Danielle and Torrie. So obviously, the next step is reading the judges blogs on Bravo's website. Anthony Bourdain's is hilarious. To check it out, click here. 2) TV: Modern Family - You GUYS! It is SO FUNNY! Please, I insist you watch this weeks episode. I congratulate the writers and cast on their zesty work this week! You can watch it on Hulu.

3) Funny: If I was a penguin, I would be this penguin. I love this penguin, just as she is.

4) Design: Remember, the awesome Ms. Emily Henderson? Of course you do. Now meet her living room! What can I paint royal blue?

5) Music: I finally got Kanye West's new album. He's a total mad genuis. Totally worthy of all the hype. He was on SNL last fall and the way he staged his performance was incredible. A Kanye concert might have to be added to my MightyList. Who's in?

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Five for Friday Pt. 40

1) I love Josh Radnor and indie-type romantic comedies. This movie will definitely be watched.

2) DIY: I am so obessed with making my own headboard. Who has a Queen-sized curved yet rectangular antique frame to give me?

3) Funny: Sometimes you need a bit of cheering up during the day. That's when you can turn to Russell Peters. Thanks to YouTube he's always there for me!

4) Dance: I love Philip Chbeeb's dancing so much. I think he and I might need to be in an imaginary relationship. I should go younger for once, right? Just please stop me if I somehow veer off into Justin Bieber territory at some point, k?

5) Inspiration: If I am even 1/1000 as awesome as these two are at their age (well actually at any age) then I will consider myself perfect. Please watch these two shake their groove things!

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Five for Friday Pt. 39

1) Perfect: Just perfect in every way. I kind of stole my thunder by posting this to fb early this week, but how could I not? It's just so amazing. Kanye West is the gift that just keeps on giving. I had a very -ahem- challenging week and everytime things would be going downhill I'd turn my thoughts to this wonderous video.

2) Funny: As usual I am totally late to the party but did y'all know that Aziz Ansari is hysterical? I heard him on Fresh Air last week and I thought I would die laughing. You need to do something nice for yourself and listen to his interview. Don't resist, just click here.

3) Dance: In other months old news, a pregnant P!nk tore up the AMA's old-school style with my new favorite running song. Raise your glass you dirty little freaks!

4) Blog Love/Design: My new favorite blog is AB Chao's Hahhai. She used to write for one of the first websites I read regularly Television without Pity and the short lived but wonderful Eli Stone. On top of these credentials she's got wicked cool design sensibilities. I am now sending her superfan stalker tweets on twitter cause I have no shame.

5) DIY: My friend Marilyn and I are going to try to tackle this very popular and simple project this weekend. I am not the best crafter so wish us luck! You can find directions here should wish to make some too!

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Five for Friday Pt. 38

After the wild success of my last wish list I'm making another one for Christmas for anyone who would like to buy me a present or enter a raffle to win me one of the below-mentioned items.  Just assume that world peace, love and social justice preceede all these "wishes" okay? 1) Jonathan Adler's New Books: I love J. Adler, he is my inspiration for all things wild, wonderful and loud. How he balances design rigor with those bright colors and outlandish flourishes is beyond me. That's why I "need" his two new books.

2) Mushroom Brush: I saw one of these on Jules blog and have been obssed ever since. For 3 dollars you can make my mushroom brush dream come true.

3) One Republic CD: I think this needs to be my 2012 album of the year. Although, I wouldn't say no to Kanye's West's "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy" album either. I love Kanye, the more outlandish he is, the more I love him.

4) Anthropologie Candles: These are stupid expensive but they smell so good and they come in pretty tins. And... well I like them.

5) Ugly Doll: I feel like I shouldn't resist any longer, they are my people. It's time to give in to the Ugly.

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Five for Friday Pt. 37-Salsa Edition

I hope you guys have enjoyed Salsa week! For me it's been a fun trip down memory lane and reminded me that I should remember to dedicate more time to dance. I hope this weekend you can each find a little time to do something you love too! 1) Dance: This is one of the best examples of Colombian style footwork on YouTube. This style comes from Cali and I saw some of it at the Cafe Libro in Bogota. Video truely doesn't do justice to how quickly they are moving their feet. In person it will blow your mind.

2) Music: This is my number one favorite salsa song of all time. Someone conveniently used it for a Salsa movie montage tribute. Win-win.

3) Food: Uh, don't forget that you can eat salsa too! Yum. Hope over to Rick Bayless website to pick up a new salsa recipe to add to your arsenal.

4) Music: Okay, well I tried to keep it to  just one song, but c'mon this is Salsa Week! Here is another favorite song that I think you guys will love too. "La Pantera Mambo" by La 33. La 33 is from my little boy's birthplace, beautiful Bogota, Colombia. Bogota is not known for it's salsa bands so they are somewhat of an anomaly.

This song samples the Pink Panther. Genius!

5) Blog Love: Today over at Raising Colombian Kids I listed Five of my Favorite Colombian Salsa Songs and all week I've been throwing a "Internet Salsa Party" in honor of Melinda's Birthday. I know many of my readers have adopted or are planning on adopting children from Colombia so make sure you all get on it so you can teach your kids to dance!

PS: Local peeps, if you just can't get enough Colombian awesomeness in your life c'mon down to Davis for the Annual Seranata Colombiana on Saturday night. All proceeeds go to finance micro-credits in el Choco. For more info click here.

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Five for Friday Pt. 36

1) Design: Jonathan Adler kills me because after I see his rooms I'm always left thinking something along the lines of "I need a Union Jack rug" or "Obviously I should reupholster our chairs in magenta." Or perhaps "That's what was missing, a hippopotamus ottoman!" He's the best. I"m totally serious by the way. I really feel like I "need" a hippopotamus ottoman now.

2) Funny: My friend Andres was once offered a contract that was going to pay 20% of his salary in Pizza. For reals. I think that's why I can't get over this commercial. My favorite part is when the Dad says "I know! We're set for life!"

3) Food: Sparkly stars on something I can eat? Yes please! Get them here.

4) Blog Love: I love this ode to airport layovers. I find them so calm and relaxing. There's usually Starbucks and Wi-Fi too.  What's not to like?

5) Dance: And of course, it's not Friday without a little dancing. Am I right?

Side Note: My friend Renee has officially served lymphoma its eviction notice: she began chemo yesterday. Please pray that the nasty stuff does what it's supposed to do. Thanks!

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Five for Friday Pt. 35 – Black Friday Edition

Today in honor of the "official" start of the Christmas season I'm switching things up. I asked five blogger friends of mine to send me their favorite charity and explain why it is important to them. Although Christmas can be a very commercial time of year I believe that at it's heart it is a time of extraordinary generosity. When you are looking for a way to give back during this holiday season please consider my personal favorite the International Justice Mission as well as the five extraordinary organizations listed below. 1) Katie from NorCal Katie - Be not afraid of death, be afraid of the unlived life.

My favorite charity is the Meningitis Foundation of America. Having survived meningoccial septicemia myself, I appreciate the support they gave my family during the darkest days of my illness and how MFA is raising awareness about a swift, scary, and often fatal disease. Having their support makes me feel less alone in my experience and survival.

2) Jules from Pancakes and French Fries-Phenomenally Indecisive since 1972

My favorite charity is the Vascular Birthmark Foundation, founded in 1994 to provide support for adults and children affected by vascular birthmarks, malformations, and syndromes. My oldest son had a vascular birthmark--large enough for people to point at him and stare--and the foundation was instrumental in directing our family to treatment and support.

3) Danielle from Elleinad Spir

My pick is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My mom has Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Although she is doing great, it is something that will recur and never go away. Note from Emily - Danielle has been incredibly helpful in sharing her and her family's personal experience and helping me learn about Lymphoma so that I can support my friend Renee. As a person who works in cancer control I can't say enough about these medical organizations who support those fighting illness.

4) Allyn from all things ami

My charity of choice is Children’s Hospital LA.  My sister is a nurse who supports children with cancer.  Her stories of their hope, love + strength are inspirational.  The stories make a difference to me.  This is my way of trying to make a difference with them.

5) Tyler from The Space Between my Ears

Kiva is Micro-finance done easily and right. Make small loans to local banks to fund entrepreneurs around the world. Not a charity per se since these are loans, so unless you donate directly to Kiva to help them cover their overhead costs, there is no tax write-off. Once the lenders pay back the amount of the loan -- Kiva's partner banks often have a repayment rate 95% or greater -- you get your money back to either make more loans or cash out. You don't get interest on your loan since the local bank keeps the interest proceeds so they can build their capital and make future loans without large influxes of foreign investment. I'm a big fan of business as a means of alleviating poverty and micro-finance makes the basics and benefits of capitalism accessible to more people. Muhammad Yunus won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for creating this economic system. Think about that: economics as a means to peace.

Thank you to each of today's participants. I was really touched to hear how each of these organizations has inspired you. Our family will be making a humble donation to each of them in your honor.-Emily

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Five for Friday Pt. 34

1) Blog Love: If you know me "in real life" you might've heard me mentioning my "friend Danielle from Oklahoma". Connecting with cool people is absolutely the best part about blogging.  Danielle and I've been having an " internet friendmance" for awhile and I was so excited that she invited me to participate in her Holiday Gift Guide.  Click here to ck out Danielle's blog and see what I picked!

2) Dance: Ck out the Valedictorian of the Creatives Ms. Jaimie Goodwin in this fun piece for Dancing with the Stars.

3) Music: Last week Chocquibtown took home Best Alternative song for Colombia at the Latin Grammy's. Represent Costenos! Bogota is close to my heart but there is absolutely no place on earth like the Colombian coast. I love their kick-asses accents, their open smiles and the way they swagga! In English De Donde vengo yo means "Where I come from"


4) TV: I have a love/hate relationship with Glee. Sometimes it is so awesome and sometimes it's just... so not up to par with its better moments. The Umbrella/Singing in the Rain Mashup from this weeks episode was EPIC. I love everything the arrangement, the dancing, the staging, the lighting, the color scheme. I forsee an ill advised attempt to sing Rihanna songs in the rain in my future.

5) Movies: It's HARRY POTTER WEEKEND everybody! Break out your wands!The opening to Deathly Hallows was probably the most breathtakingly exciting scene I have ever read. It felt like watching a movie to read it so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to handle it in IMAX. My parents are in town and offered to babysit so it's a win-win all around. We're coming to help you Harry!

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Five for Friday Pt. 33

1) Dance: I am well aware that this is so "2000-late" as Fergie would say but, friggin A it's an AWESOME dance routine.  People will still be jamming to Single Ladies at weddings and junior proms when I'm old and gray. I'm sure you'll recognize Heather Morris on the right, she's in a little, not at all buzzy show called Glee. Perhaps you've heard of it?' 2) Music: Speaking of ridiculous and wonderful. My good (imaginary) friend Shakira busted out with an encore in the parking lot after her Anaheim concert. Elian loves singing this song, I'm sure he'll pick up the dance moves shortly. "oca, oca, oca......." PS-Please direct any complaints about appropriateness to my Spam Folder. Shakira is serious business at Casa Perez.

3) Inspiration: The capacity for love that some people have never ceases to amaze me.  Ck out the story "Love is a Battlefield" about a couple who went to war against Attachment Disorder for their son Daniel on last Saturday's episode of This American Life.  You can find it here.

4) Funny: My Dad also used to play 5 little pigs with our toes after we took baths. I'm not sure if this is why I think this commercial is hysterical.

5) Design: I love this Christmas shot from the long and dearly departed Blueprint magazine. Ths light fixture is actually a DIY light bright kind of thing made out of a canvas and string lights. Some parts of Casa Perez are in dire need of lighting so I think I might actually try to make one of these. Perhaps in time for Christmas?

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

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Five for Friday Pt. 32

1) Musicals: Last year around this time Arnold and I saw In the Heights on our SOAMAZINGIT'SUNBELIEVABLE New York trip. Tonight we're going on our first "date" in forever to see it again. I know In the Heights will become a modern classic. Sacramentans go see this while it's in town.  The cheapest seats are about $25, that's like two trips to the movies and so much better!

2) Music: I find Katy Perry both ridiculous and irresistible. I'm not sure how she combines those two traits but it's quite the balancing act. Favorite lyric "You don't have to feel like a wasted space..." I bet that a lot of people will hear that line at just the right time in their lives.

3) Fun: I constantly worry that I didn't lock the door. I am consistently late everywhere and at least 2-3 minutes of that lateness is due to me going back to check the door. If only this website could HELP ME!

4) Dance: LXD + Guggenheim? Amazing. I love watching the expansion of Social Media. It's truely revolutionary.

5) Food:  Now that I'm the owner of a sparkling, life-changing stand mixer no one can stop me!  I have a stack of recipes to tackle.  First on my list is "Amelie's special plum cake".  Amelie is my favorite movie, today and for forever.  What Amelie bakes, I must bake too.  Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!

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Five for Friday Pt. 31

Hi Everybody,  Today my friend Em is taking the reigns to mix up Five for Friday! Check out her favorite internet haunts! I'll be back next week. XOXO-Notorious MLE

1) Commercials:  Check out this amazing commercial from Gaz Metro.  The creators refer to it as "stop motion maddness," but I'd say it's more stop motion genius.  You can check out the behind the scenes work here and here.

Gaz Metro A Natural Evolution from La Moustache on Vimeo.

2) Art: I can't draw, but I love looking at pretty things.  One of my favorite sites is  People travel and sketch what they see.  There's all kinds of different styles and places; one of my recent favorites is from Pont-Aven, France.

3) Blog Love: I love building and making things and on my list of projects: anything from Ana White's blog (formerly called knockoffwood) which has been my eye candy for quite a while.  There's building big, useful things and amazing photos from blog readers and did I mention building?  Must invest in power tools.   Of her recent posts, I'm loving the Square Farm Table.

4) DIY: One of my favorite sewing websites is Adventures in Dressmaking.  Suzannah has lots of great tips and tutorials for sewing all sorts of things, often inspired by items you see in the store for way too much money or remaking old clothes into new.  Right now I'm loving her ruffled shower curtain tutorial.

5) Food: If you want a taste of France check out La Tartine Gourmande.  Beautiful pictures, yummy food and bits and pieces about food and life in France- even though the author lives in New England.  Reading La Tartine is like a breath of fresh air.

via La Tartine Gourmand

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Five for Friday Pt. 30

1) Learn:  Inspired by Allyn's beautiful photos?  Want to be a better photographer? Check out this amazing 31 day Foto Tutorial here.  Foto School Sunday here I come. 2) Dance:  Love this beautiful contemporary piece about a couple who seem perfect on the outside but are at war on the inside.  Even better?  It features this weeks "The Creatives" guest Allison Holker.  Ck it out here.

3) Fun: Stuck in a pickle of a situation? Head over to the Bureau of Communications website where you can mad lib your way out of the akward.

4) Design: I love the Kartell ghost chairs.  I will get my little paws on one... eventually.

5) Wisdom:  I love this list of 31 things this blogger has learned in her 31 years.  I'm 31.  Let's just say the list resonates.

Five for Friday Pt. 29

I am in the city today "working" on a Mighty List project therefore I am already having a very happy Friday.  I wish you one too! 1) Design: Here comes more magazine madness! Love the color palette, so bright and fresh. The flower rug and yellow fireplace are kiling me! Adore  Home Magazine from Australia. Check it out here.

Image via Adore Home Magazine

2) Inspiration: My friend Tyler is posting the most beautiful and inspiring series on Doubt and Faith over on his blog.  This week he talked about the lost act of presenting your Lamentations to God. Check it out here.

3) Design Pt. 2:  I love this print.  I am such a paranoid worrier that I should have it tatooed on my wrist.

4) Music:  Could I love Sara Bareilles any more?  It would be hard. Favorite lyric=Ride off into your delusional sunset.

5) Dance:  Will I ever run out of such awesomeness? H to the no!

This is a trailer for a new danceshort dropping today. Happy Friday, yay!  Sharp-eyed blog readers and dance fanatics will recognize Hok Konishi from the Creatives front and center.

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Five for Friday Pt. 28

1) Design:  I would LOVE to live in a Rainbow house!

2) Dance:  Usher+Dance+IKEA Furniture=CrazySexyCool.

3) Colombia:  Of course the parrot was arrested.  Why wouldn't he be?

4) Blog Love:  I have a new food blog to love and she's local.  With my newfound ability to follow baking instructions I could be in big trouble.  Check it out here.

5) Music:  This song is everywhere right now, but that doesn't mean it's not lovely!

Have a beautiful weekend everybody!

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Five for Friday Pt. 27

1) Dance: I wish elections were as fun as this dance.  After this number I decided I wanted Lauren to win, and she did!  At the 0:55 min mark check out how far she goes back and how quickly she snaps back up.  That my friends is crazy.  Sometimes you can see dancers fatiguing in a difficult routine but not this girl.  She backflips up a few times and then comes at Twitch like it aint no thang.

2) Music: Speaking of Kanye, I love this video of him rapping for the facebook staff.  I follow him on Twitter and he provides a never-ending stream of cuckoo for cocoa puffs crazy artists bon mots like "Sometimes I get emotional looking at fonts". Love it.

"If you fall on your butt, that ass-phalt!"

3) Design:  The on-line shelter mag renaissance is very encouraging.  I love how the web is democratizing design! Ck out the newest contender here.

Rue Magazine

4) Stuff:  Yikes, I just found out there is a whole series of books called Listography.  You use them to make lists.  Obviously I am in love. Ck them out here.


5) Books:  Yet another celebrity memoir! I know, I know.  This one offered up the promised snark and celebrity insider gossip that Kathy's famous for but it wasn't exactly what I expected.  The book included some very honest and raw chapters about her brother and the collapse of her marriage. Kathy is a rabble rouser and a lot to handle but she's also unafraid to be real and I love that.

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Five for Friday Pt. 26

1) Dance: In order to prove that I'm not totally impartial when it comes to Hip-Hop. I offer you a beautiful contemporary number with Alex Wong and Allison Holker.

2) Design: A new print Design Magazine is launching and of the co-editors is a Bay-Area blogger that I follow. I miss Domino and Blueprint so much and I could not be happier!  Ck it out here.


3) TV:  Fall TV is starting.  YIPPEE!  For a person without cable I watch an alarming amount of TV and I love it. So far out of the new shows I really liked Nikita.  The Notorious Family loves badass chicks.  What are you all loving?

4) More Dance:  I love dance so much.  This is so far off the hook I can't even handle it.

5) Movie:  Sofia Coppola movies have a way of getting to me.  I think she's just really good at visually evoking a mood.

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Five for Friday Pt. 25

1) Movies:  I have a major girlcrush on Anne Hathaway.  I don't know why, I just do.  And no, I've never seen the Princess Diaries.  Please!  I have some dignity.    


2) Blog Love:  I've actually linked to this blog before but for some reason I never started reading it.  Big Mistake! Huge!  Hyperbole and  Half is so funny I cried.  Then I started randomly e-mailing it to my friends.  I emailed it  Alot!  Oh, I mean a lot. Ck it out here.    


3) Food/Blog Love:  Erica's blog My Colombian Recipes has a recipe for EVERYTHING Colombian.  Last week she posted one of my absolute favorites.  Limonada de Coco.  I order it compulsively every time I have the opportunity. Check it out here.    

Limonada de Coco


4) Dance:  Dominic is a hometown dance hero and this freaky weird Clowns piece was one of the favorites on last season.  I love the moment where they pretend to twist their necks off.  Musicality! Somehow it's macabre and fun at the same time. [youtube=]    

5) Design: This is probably one of my all time favorite magazine house tours.  The designing firm is Ashe+Leandro and I want to copy everything.  Specially those floor pillows that look like rocks. How cool is that? And of course the white wood roof.  I'm making my case.  One blog post at a time.   

Carpenter Residence

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Five for Friday Pt. 24-Birthday Edition

Next Tuesday is my birthday so I'm putting together a special birthday edition directed at my husband.  I'd like to label it "Stuff you can buy me for my birthday or anytime".  He's not very good at reading the blog though.  I wonder why?

1) Food: Membership to the Bacon of the Month Club. C'mon Honey!  It's kind of like a gift for you too!  Ck it out here.

2) Design: Nama Rococo Wall Paper One Sheet.  We have soooooooo much disposable income so you should get me one of these.  French Dot please.  Beautiful!

French Dot

3) Stuff: Arnold and I have a difference of opinion over whether there is too much pink in our house.  I am right which is why he should buy me this tray from Pearl River. In pink of course.

4) More stuff: Okay, now I'm totally off the rails. We have neither the counter space nor the funds for this, but I'm sure we have the appetite!   I probably should've labeled this list "Imaginary Birthday List".

Kitchen Aid mixer yellow

5) Books/Reality:  Coming back to reality.  Can you get me this book honey? This is what I really want. Merci beacoup mon amour!

Everyday Mexican by Rick Bayless

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Five for Friday Part. 23

1) Dance:  Oh So You Think you Can Dance I miss you so.  Loved this freaky Nappy Tabs Hip-Hop number.   [youtube=]  

2) Eat:  Are you jealous of my SF Big Eat Adventures?  No need to be, you can do it too.  It's easy and Maggie from Mighty Girl even made a google map with each location marked.  She is wonderful in every way.  Ck out the map here.  

3) Design:  If I ever move to rural Nebraska and live in a gigantic house for one-quarter of the price of my home here I will dedicate one room to be my dressing room.  Having a dressing room seems both unreasonable and fantastic.  

4) Blog Love:  Remember Siskel and Ebert?  Did you know that Ebert got throat cancer and can't really talk anymore?  I know.  Sad.  But... he does blog.  I love that about the internet!  Everybody has a voice on the internet!  Check his blog out here.  It's a great repository for movie reviews and info.  

5) Movies: I've been in a very serious imaginary relationship with Paul Rudd ever since I saw Clueless.  It's a very healthy imaginary relationship because he's such a great guy, always keeps me laughing.  Of course I will go support my long-time boyfriend even though he is kissing Reese Witherspoon in this movie.  


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