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Bright Lights

A few things of note:

1)  I'm taking a break  this week to spend time with my family. In lieu of regular posts I'll be sharing Foto School Shots each day this week along with a link to one of my favorite posts from the year. Today's post is probably one of the posts I most enjoyed writing. It's called "When appliances attack!" Click here to enjoy the mayhem all over again.

2) Out of curiosity, what were you favorite posts? It seems presumptuous of me to assume that anybody remembers them besides me, but if I wasn't a little bit presumptuous, it would be hard to be notorious, right? Anyways, leave your favorites in the comments.

Yes, I am clearly and transparently fishing for compliments.

3) I know I just said all week would be fotos and "best of 2010" posts except that I lied because something exciting is happening on Wednesday. A few blog friends and I are launching a community project so don't forget to come back and check it out. Actually come back every day regardless, I like to see your smiling faces in my stat counter. :)

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Pies Descalzos

Feet Self-Portrait Today is the official start of Advent. As a Christian this time of year is very close to my heart. A time to wait, hope and love knowing that even in our darkest hours there will always come a time when the light bursts through.

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Serious Young Men

Tios and Nephews

Nathan is turning 29 tomorrow. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that we were kids playing Thundercats. Now I have a child of my own and Nathan is his Tio Nathanimal.

He is a very good Uncle, when Elian sees him his eyes light up in delight and wonder. And when I see my little boy smile while looking up at my little brother it feels like life is just as it should be.

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