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Baby Boom

I kid you not, my aunt just sent me the following e-mail about my cousins.

Subject line: BABIESS!
Rommel & Mareavel due in Sept
Robert & Marissa due in Oct
RonRon & Jasmine due in Dec
Roderick & Veronica due in Jan
Whoa, that is 4 babies in 4 months. BABIESS! Indeed.
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Everybody to the Limit - Weekend Edition

1) I made mayonnaise from scratch this weekend. I've wanted to do that ever since I read Julie and Julia. I can't believe how delicious it was. Plus one point for me. 2) I watched High school musical. Thankfully I still think it's kind of lame. Two point for me!

3) Today Arnold said "What are you and Nutella planning to do for me for Mother's Day?". I said I didn't remember what they had done for Mother's Day. Aww.. snap.
4) I found out that my Dad mis-dialed my phone number and ended up calling some stranger honey on the phone repeatedly until she hung up on him. 10 points for my Dad!
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The circle of Life

Last night we went to see the Lion King.  The scenery and costume design were amazing.  I think the first five minutes were the most thrilling moments of any musical I've ever seen.  As a kid I saw the Lion King when it came out in the movie theater and I remember so clearly how magical the opening sequence seemed with that resounding Timpani Drum under the Opening credit.  The musical totally brought me back to that summer night at the movies with my family.
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Rommel and Marevel's Wedding Pt.

One of the most fun things about Rommel and Bell's wedding was that they had a photo booth. It was so cool! I highly suggest it too all engaged couples. Unwisely, they chose to sit us right next to the booth. Big mistake on their part. Obviously, we were then forced to monopolize any free moment to take silly pictures all night long. They probably have like a zillion pictures of us on the memory card.
During the pics we took with my parents, my mom tried futilely to get us to be serious. It's like she's blissfully unaware that all three of her children got a 5 on the AP test for Narcissistic mugging.
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Before-school Special

When I was a kid I went to my Grandma's house everyday before and after school. One year because of my parents commuting schedule we ended up spending more than two hours there every morning. Time with Grandma was awesome because she let us watch a movie EVERY MORNING! One year my brother Nate and I watched three different movies, every day, for an entire school year. Those movies were:

1) Wayne's World (Grandma got it for $5 at McDonald's) 2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Again, so awesome) 3) Star Trek IV -The one with the whales

So even though I do not consider myself a Trekkie (I've never even seen the other movies) I have watched A LOT of Star Trek IV. Then of course there was all the regular Star Trek I watched with my family.

One day, I like to think of this as "Best. Day. Ever." we watched Star Trek for like 5-6 hours and then my parents decided we should go see a Star Trek movie at the theater. 5-6 hours of TV and then the MOVIES! I died and went to heaven. Which Star Trek movie did we see?

Need you even ask?

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Rommel and Bell's Wedding

I think last week I mentioned that pamilya Maghanoy was in town because we were attending my cousins wedding. Here are the adorable pictures fresh off facebook of my Uncle Boy and Auntie Nida. The whole wedding was really fun but my favorite part was when Rommel greeted us in the parking lot before the wedding. I said "Are you ready Rommel?" And he smiled really big and said "I can't wait."

Cue the sighs of cuteness.

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Maghanoy MadnessThe family was here last weekend to celebrate a my cousin Rommel's wedding. (Welcome to the fam Bell! <--- Yay more Maghanoy's!). So, obviously we ate a lot. Despite my Pooja's intervention, there was still A LOT of eating. First we walked to Vic's and had ice cream. Nutella came with Wes and my parents were quite happy with their ice cream cones.Then my Mom cooked into "small plates" about 1/2 the food I had in my house. This was all on Friday. Obviously there was a lot of food at the wedding on Saturday night. Filipino weddings are not wussy on food. I'll have lots more pics of the weding eventually but until then I'll leave you with one of many favorite quotes of the evening... but first a little Filipino culture lesson. At a Filipino wedding there is something called the money dance where people pin dollars on the bride and groom and then dance with them. When my cousin Robert came back from the money dance line this is what he said...

I pinned my dollar on Bell and the second I started dancing with her the DJ started playing "Freaks of the Industry". How am I supposed to dance to "Freaks of the Industry" with Rommel's new bride?

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My father, the Hero

A few weeks ago my friend Renee came over to hardwire the lamp shown above into the ceiling of our bedroom. Since Casa Perez seems to eat all our money with broken HVAC units and replaced sewer lines, any other work has to be done by friends who have been bribed. So she comes over and starts working and voila, magically is done in like 10 minutes... and then all the power went out in 1/2 the house. Naturally, because this is my house. You didn't really think anything would be that easy, right?

As Scoobie would say...Rur-oh.

Needless to say Renee was freaking out. No one really wants to be repsonsible for inadvertantly destroying their friends electrical system.

I however was not worried because I have something in my pocket that no one else has... wonder-GAD. My Dad can seriously fix anything, even over the phone. So, I threw some bacon at Renee to calm her nerves and called my dear GAD up. He was in an even better mood than usual, happily chatting about the movie he was watching that day. After reminding him to be nice to Renee I handed the phone over. Ten minutes later the problem was fixed. That's right y'all. Maghanoy power!

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Happy Birthday Nathan!

This particular picture might not illustrate my point, but my little brother Nathan is one of the smartest, funniest, most talented people I know. He can sing, dance, play guitar etc. I have also suffered the annoyance of swatting away girls during his teenage years. As in "No, I will not introduce you to my brother". The only reason I don't have to do that now is because I live in a different city than him. But I digress... Happy Birthday Nate! Hope this year is a great one!
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Family Wedding

Last week my cousin Rob got married and a Maghanoylishish time was had by all of the clan. Baby brother Wes, the youngest of the family got to do his first "over-21" wedding. Apparently, a let down, because now all of our cousins are starting to have babies and don't spend family functions at the bar. And speaking of alcohol... I got CARDED! Woo-hoo! But back to the wedding, it was simple, classy and fun. I couldn't have been happier than to be there supporting Rob and Reese. Welcome to the family Reese!

PS Rommel, I hope you googled yourself and found this entry.

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Happy Birthday Wes!

Today is my baby brother Wes' birthday. His 21st Birthday! I can't believe it... especially since I literally remember the day he was born. Most of my high school friends still remember Wes as a toddler, they find pictures of him as an adult to be a rude wake-up call to how quickly time has passed. Mostly I just remember how cute and weird he was as a kid. Also, I very much enjoyed embarrassing him during his teenage years by loudly singing along to Spanish radio as I drove him around town. If only I had lived in SoCal to have even more time to badger him! Good times!

Happy Birthday Wes! Can't wait to see what the next 21 years brings... and oh yeah, ahem, drink responsibly! (See! I'm good at being embarrassing!)

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The little engine that could! (And did!)

Today I continued my slow chugging job towards physical fitness by running in a 5K. I finished under 30 minutes with a 9:35 pace per mile. In the big scheme of things, this is not very fast. For comparison my friend Renee ran a 10K last week at a 7:35 mile pace... but then again she also finished second in the WHOLE RACE. Renee is insanely competitive but despite the fact that she has amazing accomplishments like a 7 minute mile, Masters Degree etc. she spends most of her time boasting about stupid things, like the fact that she can burp the alphabet, fart on command etc.

I can't burp the alphabet or run fast, but the Maghanoy in me still wants to brag whenever I do anything even remotely challenging, like run a 9:35 mile 5K. When I run, it's pretty much like watching a pug run. They are short compared to everybody else, and even though their legs are moving kind of fast they kind of stub along at a frantic pace, lots of energy expended but not much ground covered. It's nice if you can sprint long and quick like a gazelle but hey if you're a pug, you have to accept it and just keep on keeping on until you cross that finish line exhilarated and nauseous. :)

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Sacre Bleu!

I got an A- in my Linguistics class, the class that actually succeeded in giving me nightmares(and if you know me, you would know that almost nothing disturbs my sleep). That gives me a Straight A's 3.9 GPA for my Masters Program. I think that I now officially rock. HOLLAH!

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Family Fun

Last weekend was great. Not only did I get to run Bay to Breakers but I got to do it with my cousin Dan! <---Shown above flaunting his rubix cube prowess, but I digress. I hardly ever go back to Concord but this weekend Arnold and I stayed with the Wong family and hung out with my two Wilipino cousins Dan and Rob and my soon-to-be cousin-in-law Reese and my chinese cousin Justina. I have a special affection for Dan and Rob, not just because they are my only family members besides my brothers to share our Wilipinoness but also because we all grew up in Concord together, so I saw them the most. Also because they do funny stuff, which I can blog about later.

On Saturday night we all went out for Tortas, obviously hilarity ensued... because my family does funny stuff.

Waitress: What would you like to eat?

Dan: I'd like a burrito, without sour cream.

Then apprently Dan thought it's not enough just to order food, for some reason you need to explain your choices by stating your ethnicity, or at least part of it.

Dan: Yeah, uh, no sour cream.... I'm white.

Honestly, this would be weird enough to blog about. Certainly I understand giving people extraneous information, I myself love to talk, but I can safely say that I have never finished up an order by saying. I'm Wilipino. It seems that Dan got the Maghanoy gene that causes one to talk too much while ordering (my Dad has this too). Anyways, the best part is that the waitress who was sporting a VERY significant Mexican accent got in on the action with a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Waitress: What are you talking about? White people love sour cream! They LOVE IT. They love to eat it on their baked potatoes!!!

Seriously, it was hysterical, especially since with her accent and loudness, she was kind of going all Ricky Ricardo on him. "Whadarejewtalking about? "Deylovesourcreeeeeeeeem" I am almost fell out of my chair I was laughing hard. This only egged the waitress on. "Deylovedesourcreeeeeem!!!!" Then kicker was when Justina busts out her most authoritative "I'm an expert on the subject, I am a nurse" voice and said very seriously "It's true, they love sour cream." I can only guess that Reese was wondering what kind of lunacy she is marrying into.

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A more Maghanoyish world

More good news coming down the pike. Last week my cousin Ron and his wife Jasmine brought another Maghanoy into the world. Details are still fuzzy seeing as the family communications officer(Auntie Edenia) is off cavorting in the Netherlands, but I'll post a picture when I get one.

Welcome little Tyler Maghanoy! Thanks for making the world a little more Maghanoyish!
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Maghanoy Modesty Pt. 2

Remember how I said that my GAD likes to brag about his perfect feet, perfect cooking etc.? Well, now we can add another layer to the list. As you might know, I am very into talking about COLONOSCOPIES, it is my new thing because of my new job. I'm not done with nutrition, I am just adding cancer screening. Anyways, so because of this I am having a totally normal conversation with my Mom about flex sigmoidoscopies. Thassa right, I use big words like flex sigmoidoscopies. And I said... everything came out clean right? And she said...

"The gastroenterologist said you father has the most perfect colon he has every seen."

Obviously I will be hearing about this perfectly symmetrical, number 1 in the world colon for the rest of my life.

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Doing the right thing...

Exactly one time in my life have I ever been involved in a political event and that was in college when I worked with a group who was lobbying for Veterans rights for Filipinos who fought under American command in World War II. During the war, the U.S. drafted Filipinos (the Philippines was a territory-type situation at this time) to fight the Japanese in WWII. obviously their contribution was appreciated and the president promised them veterans benefits. Except later, someone else decided that since none of this was documented that it seemed right to rip them off. So there were these thousands of Filipino veterans who fought in American uniform during WWII who were denied V.A. benefits like.... oh I don't know, pensions and medical care. I am really happy that today, the yahoos in the government finally got it together to recognize the 18,000 who are still living and reinstate their benefits. And it only happened because some of the older republicans who apparently are the only ones left who remember the war and what it means to be decent and honorable, broke rank with their party. It never fails to amaze me to see how stupid govt. officials can be with military policy (i.e., it's illegal to pick vegetables in this country without immigration papers, but for some reason it's okay to join the military without legal papers?) but today I am excited. A SHOUT OUT TO THOSE REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN who DID THE RIGHT THING!

Also, on Top Chef, Dale Talde got props for making a killer Halo-Halo. It was an awesome day for my Pinoy peeps! Mix it up people! Mix it up!

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Things that are mutually exclusive...

Ice Caps and Global Warming Small Children and Clubbin Street food and No Danger of Food Poisoning

Maghanoys and Modesty

Here's the thing, it's not secret that Maghanoy's are not modest people. I think the best man at my cousin Ron Ron's wedding said it best "Everything about Ron is big, his dreams, his goals and especially those ear (yup, RonRon and I both have BIG FAT AWESOME MAGHANOY EARS, but that's another story). My brothers both regularly tell me how awesome they are and don't get me started on the King himself, my GAD. No, seriously, I mean it, he oftentimes refers to himself as the "King" as in "I am the King of this Castle". Sometimes he just compliments himself for no reason, for example "My feet are perfect." So, you can see why I seem to have as Renee puts it "irrationally high self-esteem", it's a family trait.

It may seem silly, but I actually think that it is a very positive thing, this Maghanoyish Immodesty. It is not so much that we think other people suck but that we think we are AWESOME. And, seriously, if you don't think your awesome, don't fool yourself into thinking that other people will think it for you. They won't, they are too busy doing one of two things.

1) Wallowing in narcissistic low self-esteem "Poor me, blah, blah, blah" 2) Wallowing in narcissistic hubris. "Everyone is beneath me."

Do yourself a favor and take the Maghanoy middle ground. Here's an exercises that Maghanoy's indulge in quite frequently. Take your name and insert and adjective. Ex. "My name is Sonia Awesome Aujla" or "My name is Justina Wonderful Wong". Fun, huh!!! That's right, don't be shy, get your Maghanoy on! "My name is Alec Yowza Young!" "My name is "Jessen Lovely Langley"

Alright, good work peeps. Class dismissed.

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