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Five for Friday

  1. Blog Love: My friend Matt is not only a real-live published author (the dream!) but he also runs a very cool blog. I am digging this post: a reading list for evangelical Christians written by an ex-Christian theology professor.
  2. Donuts: I pass this new local shop "Doughbot Donut" every day on my way to work. Yesterday I finally gave in and ooh it was heaven. They have a donut called "The Dude" which is filled with Bavarian cream and topped with Kahlua icing. Uh, yeah. I'll be back. Locals can check out their website here
  3. Blog Love Pt. 2: My friend Em is hooked on Rachel Held Evans blog about faith and it's many questions. She has a great series called "Ask a..." in which she does interviews with people from different faiths and perspectives. It's really thought-provoking. Check it out here.
  4. More food: I want to eat everything, everyday on Spoon. Fork. Bacon.

  5. TV: I was hesitant to try out the New Girl but how could I resist Zooey Deschanel. It's still finding it's footing but I think it's pretty funny so far. :)

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Five for Friday-Not so Subtle Friday before Birthday Edition

1. Everyone is dying to get there hands on Grace Bonney's first book, right? I am. 2. I love Kelly now and forever. The end. Can't wait for the new album to drop.

3. Bridesmaids is coming out one week after my birthday. I feel that it is fate that someone purchase it for me. Like my mixer I'm sending that wish out into the world. I've already called my friend Kim and we've decided that the first viewing will require us to buy a giant, party-size cookie which we will punch assertively and then eat aggressively.

4. As the Rick Bayless project nears its end I find myself eyeing cookbooks like possible suitors. Will you be the next one I whisper sweetly? This is a def contender. After all I should know how to cook my peoples food. I can't rely on my Dad forever. The recipes in this one are not simple but they are quality. I made the adobo last year and my friends happily slurped it up in Tahoe. Support my peoples and buy it here.

5. This satisfies my multiple geek personalities. Chart geek? Check. Design Geek? Check. Wilipina geek who raps along with TI in the car? Double CH-CH-CHECK! Find it here.





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Five for Friday-Harry Potter Edition

Ugh, I was (as usual) a late-adopter of the Harry Potter mania but once I get on board with something. I get ON BOARD. How could I not? They are beautiful books. I'll be watching the movie tonight wearing a cape with the rest of the nerd herd. 1. This is the definition of Ugly Duckling. I cannot believe how hot that Neville kid turned out. Revenge of the Nerds. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

 2. Blog Love: LaineyGossip is my fav-o-rite gossip site and she is a huge Potter fan, undying nerd love just like me.

3. Re-posting this awesome speech by JK Rowling in which she talks about how her time working at Amnesty International informed Harry's battle against evil. Check it at the Harvard Magazine.

4.Semi-Interesting Fact: At some point I talked about Emma Watson as Hermione Granger on my blog. My stats have been through the roof this week as people look that up. You are welcome Hermione fans.

5. I can't believe it's over. I'll probably cry watching the movie tonight.

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Five for Friday

1.Please somebody make me this pie. Stat!

2. Awwwwww. So sweet.

3. I love that Emma Watson just went crazy. Last premiere is like your Junior Prom, it's only going to happen once, so blow it OUT!

4. Not that I need more cookbooks, but... it's so hot right now.

5. I love SF and these prints.

Marisa Seguin at Etsy

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Five for Friday

Have a wonderful weekend errbody! If you don't have plans I've got 5 for your Friday! 1. I've had Uighur Nan. It's beautiful and delicious.

2. I am an Internet genius who figured out how to make a Facebook Fan Page. Please boost my self-esteem and "like" me here!

3. I got this book from the library and the next thing I know NPR is fangirling all over it. It's an all veggie-cookbook with beautiful pictures. I am a third grader so I need cookbooks with pictures. Recommended.

4. I have no picture to share but my friend made the most amazing Pasta Bolognese last week. It was so delicious that I am now obsessed with convincing her to be my sister wife so I can eat bolognese everyday. Check out the recipe here.

5. So You Think You Can Dance is starting to bring it's A-Game. I present to you exhibit, well, Exhibit A! A story about a guy who gets stood up at his wedding and then realizes it don't mean a thang cause he loves his best friend.

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Five for Friday

1. I long to drink this. Found here.

Images: Sandra Vital of Le Pétrin
Images: Sandra Vital of Le Pétrin

2. This is not helping my "wish I had a tattoo" situation.

Amanda Wachob via Design Sponge

3. My friend Marilyn and I are currently obsessed with nail-polish. Next week I'm going to have her give me a sparkle manicure because that is her job. (Giving me manicures that is, her actual job is in public health)

4. This clip has Quest Crew, the running man and a guy with a robot -box-head. S'wonderful.

5. Musicality. Bam!

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Five for Friday Pt. 55-ABDC Edition

As y'all know we are huge dance fans at Casa Perez. Tonight we're kicking off our annual summer viewing parties of So You Think You Can Dance. We've been doing this since 2006 and there is nothing better than our weekly summer parties to cheer on our favorite dancers. I have a Pavlovian response to the show's theme music, the second I hear it I relax, imagining a lazy summer night with my friends, a generous potluck and endless discussions about who is the best dancer. In honor of our kick-off I've pulled five videos from another great dance show, America's Best Dance Crew. On Monday I posted a video from Jabawockeez, the show's first Season winner and today I'm posting videos of the subsequent season's winners including the recently crowned IamMe crew! Enjoy.

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Five for Friday Pt. 54-Books

I read a wonderful book last week which got me thinking: I should share where I learn about great books! Prepare yourself bookworms. 1. Radio-You can subscribe to download all Book-related reviews and features on NPR via podcast. They average at least 7 stories a day on books. NPR is the reason I requested "Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime: A true story of sea creatures" from the library. You can check it out here.

2. Blog Love-My friend Elaine authors a very short and sweet blog about every books she reads. What I love about Elaine is that she gets straight to the point about what she liked or didn't without pretention. Also, she doesn't only talk about "high-brow" lit. She reviewed all three of Torrie Spelling's books. Check it out here.

3.Magazines-I read book reviews on MSN,, Newsweek, Glamour, Vogue etc etc etc. I find books that I never would've heard of without their reviews. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake was one I read about it in Glamour magazine.

4.Moms-I find that Moms tend to be in bookclubs which is like your own personal review panel. My friend Emily's Mom has already made two succesful reccomendations The Potato Peel Society and Water for Elephants. As a bonus? Mom book clubs tend to reccomend me great books that I later gift to my Mom!

5. You tell me!-Where do you get great book recs?


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Five for Friday Pt. 53

1.Blog Love: Modernist Cuisine proves that food in slow-motion is equally as fascinating as shoveling food in your tummy fast-motion.  

2.Funny-Lonely Island, Jack Sparrow and Michael Bolton. Enjoy.

3. Dance: Yes, I fangirl out about the commercials for So You Think You Can Dance.

4. Design-It's so perfect. The architectural lines! The spacing of the gallery wall, that squiggly silver thing up top. Love it.

5.Love-Today Arnold and I are celebrating our 9th anniversary of our civil marriage. (we had a lot of weddings, but that's a story for another day!) Sometimes we drive each other to the edge, but mostly I love him more than anyone could ever imagine.


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Five for Friday Pt. 52-Chocolate Edition

Remember when I went to SF and ate a lot of chocolates? Yeah, that was nice... for me. Now it's going to be nice for you! Here are my five favorites from the sea of 50+ vendors of chocolate wonder. Thank me now for sharing my wisdom and thank me later when you ingest the deliciousness.

Side Note: As I wrote this post and visited the web-sites of each chocolatier I realized that I probably ate about $100 worth of chocolate at the salon. DEAL! The chocolate salons are held all over the country. I suggest googling to see if there is one coming to your town.

1. Umami Truffle at Salt Side Down Chocolates: This CHANGED my life. Salted Caramels and salted chocolate type things were a huge trend at the show (duh) but this was hands down the best. It was an umami/chocolate explosion in my life.

2.Toasted Coconut at NeoCocoa: This was like a blanket for my tongue: sounds weird, tastes awesome. This particular place was a favorite all my whole posse. The pretty much serve exclusively truffles and the quality is insane.

3.Sriracha Chocolate from Socola Chocolatiers: I asked the owner if the Sriracha truffle would burn my face off and she said "Yes, it will burn your face off" with a very serious smile. That's when I knew I had found some like-minded chocolatiers. It's not so much that I need people to make super-spicy food, but I need them to get my weird sense of humor. The sisters from Socola chocolatiers scored on both counts.

These chocolates were weird and delicious. Side note: Please imagine me saying "delicious" with Sofia Vergara's accent.

4. Ginger Elizabeth: Okay, well Ginger wasn't there but she is still the standard against which I hold all chocolatiers. If you had ever been there you'd know why. Try them. I command you!

5. Greater Purpose Wine: Okay, admittedly I confess that this is also not chocolate but I loved this company so much. They donate 55% of ALL of their profits to help children around the world. As the lady standing next to me said "That's no crap donation! That is serious." Indeed.

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Five for Friday Pt. 51

1. My friend Tyler posted this last week and I really loved it. I do not believe in perfection. All my favorite people are broken too, including me. 2. Food: TopChef is over but my love for Dale Talde and cookies lives on. Awhile ago Dahlia and I made his Quickfire winning Potato Chip/Pretzel shortbread cookies with caramelized chocolate ganache. I mean, seriously? These cookies were judged to be the best by COOKIE MONSTER. When you are feeling decadent, make them. Half the recipe though, it makes a huge amount. Even Dahlia and I couldn't handle something that calls for 2 lbs of butter. Note: This recipe is not for someone who doesn't cook, it's for cooks who have understanding of cooking technique.

3. Men: Mark Ruffalo in Details Magazine=perfect. Enjoy here.

4. Funny: Sofia Vergara always delivers. You just know it would be fun to hang with her.

5. Blog Love: I found Lesley Tellez's blog The M'ija Chronicles through the wordpress front page. She is a freelancer writer from Texas who is currently living in Mexico City and running a food tourism company. DREAM JOB. She posts about her culinary adventures in Mexico DF and my, my my do they look good!

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Five for Friday Pt. 50

1. Stuff-I am becoming an OhJoy! superfan so, of course I gonna be all over these notebooks that she made for Target.

Photo Credit: Oh Joy

2. Fashion: The more I read about Tom Ford the more enamored I become. Join me in my fandom here

3. Movies-I will go see this... actually I'm sure the whole world will, because Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell? How could you not.

4. Colombia-I love to see Cartagena getting it's due because it is the most amazing city. You can check out Anthony Bourdain's gastronomic travels there and also see a nice spread in Issue #2 of High Gloss Magazine. 5. Design: It's like this picture is daring me to replicate this paint job. Seriously, it taunts me.

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Five for Friday Pt. 49-LA Edition

Last week I went to LA for work. I met lots of great people at my site visits and got to hang out with some Torrie and Kat too! I also ate approximately 5 million meals. All of them were delicious. Today's Five for Friday is the LA Food edition. Put on your fat pants, your gonna gain weight just reading this post.

1. 1886 in Pasadena-I was so enamored with my drink and the company that I totally forgot to take a picture, but take my word for it, this bar is top notch. The drinks are creative without burying the licor in sugar or cream. It also has an amazing door that opens and closes with pulley weights giving it a fun speakeasy feel.

2. A/K/A in Pasadena-We had (among other things) portabello fries with truffle aioli. As they were delivered to the table my foodie in crime Katrina said "The aioli is so good, I want to drink it!" She made a drinking motion with her hand, just in case I didn't get it.

I wanted to drink the aioli too. I'll leave you to wonder whether I did, or not.

3. Square One Dining-I saw this on OhJoy!'s blog and thought, "I must eat there." Then I did. It was delicious and changed my life. The end.

4. Mozza Pizzeria-So fresh and so clean. This was reccommended by Torrie. My favorite pizza was a gorgonzola dolce that had rosemary and fingerling potatos. I never tasted the sweetness in gorgonzola dolce until I had this pizza, it was addictive. I wanted to shove my face in the whole thing but it didn't seem polite so I held back, sort of.

5. You tell me! Where do you like to eat in LA? What do I HAVE to eat next time I there? I mean in addition to the places that I already ate...

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Five for Friday Pt. 48

1. Movies: Shut up crime!2. Ads-Must.Learn.French.Immediately.

3. Cakes: For Debi's Birthday last week, I made this cake. Then Lisa proclaimed me "The one who makes the cakes!" I always wanted to be the one who makes X, so I'm pretty happy about this. So what if my cakes always look terrible and fall apart like volcanos when cut, they taste divine.

4. Blog Love-Over at Raising Colombian Kids, Mr Colombian Daddy is doing a bang-up job writing a weekly music column. Latinophiles who want to learn more about the best songs can check it out here.

5. Stuff-I've been trying to phase parabens and other nasty chemichals out of our "beauty" products for awhile. I'm especially dilligent about the stuff we use on Elian but reading Estelle's article reminded me that I hadn't quite gotten around to finding some good face products yet. Specfically I need some "Holy crap, we're in our 30s face cream." On impulse I bought some "Yes to Blueberries" at Target and I have to say I'm pretty pleased. The company is privately held and based in San Francisco, which is bonus for a California girl who likes to support local companies when possible. Also the container is biodegradable and dispenses exactly the right amount for you face. I can't stress how important this is to me. I want to punch someone in the face at Oil of Olay, their containers break, you can't get the product out and they dispense way too much. Because punching people in the face is impractical/wrong instead I'm just going to swtich brands. Anyways, I recommend the stuff. It works good and is reasonably priced for civil servants on a budget. Let me know what you think.

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Five for Friday Pt. 46

1.Food: My Mighty List is quickly devolving into an extended list of places I wish to travel and things I wish to eat. Newly added is the restaurant Alinea in Chicago. I heard it's chef Grant Achatz interviewed on FreshAir last week and he talked not only about his unique style of cooking but about losing his ability to taste food after a near-fatal bout with tongue cancer. Crazy!

Watermelon at Alinea Restaurant

  2. Parties: Also added to the Lifelist? Throw a Crepe Party. I've always been somewhat of a Francophile. This post by the CPB Gallery didn't help matters at all.

Foto from the CPB Gallery

3. Dance: It's hard for me to watch Chris Brown without thinking about domestic violence. I sincerely pray that he's getting his shiz together and putting his head on right because the kid is truely talented. Actually I pray that regardless of talent, it's so sad to see cycles of abuse continue. Anwyays,  I love his new song and he tore it up dancing on SNL a few weeks ago. 4. Cake: Apparently cake is now a 5 for Friday category. Do you like how I say this as if just happened totally out of my control? I made this cake for our Oscar party a few weeks ago and insist that you all make it too. It's brilliant: delicious, dense, sloppy (my favorite) and gluten free! What is there not to love? Find the recipe here. PS-I am lazy/cheap so I left all the alcohol out, but if you make this cake and use it, let me know how it goes!

5. TV: Arnold and I have fallen victim to yet another Vampire series. I have nothing to say in my defense and if you choose to watch True Blood, do not judge me because this show is truely pervy. I guess that goes without saying though, I mean it's on HBO, the channel that has stolen my innocence one episdoe at a time. However in  addition to being graphically shocking it's also brilliant, I love these characters. It's like the more effed up they are the more endearing they become and that is the sign of some great writing. Also this show make me want to speak in a Southern accent, so... uh, if you know me in real life, you can blame Sookie for that affliction.


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Five for Friday Pt. 45-Guest Blogger Edition

Hi everybody, I'm beat from a work trip earlier this week so I'm letting my friend Emily take the reigns today. She is a sexy scientist, tech-nerd and DIY queen who is only rivaled by me in terms of time spent on the internet. Thanks Em! 1) Science: As someone who works in a research science field, news coverage of scientific papers always drives me crazy. The Lay Scientist sums up news agencies' approach to covering science quite well.

2) Tech: is my go-to tech website. They have lots of great information on how to use what you already have on your computer/smart phone and great recommendations for new, usually free, services online. Anytime I'm trying to figure out how to do something, this is the first place I look. A recent find from Makeusof is Wordle where I made this fun iconograph using (PS-From Lat Notoriousa. I looove Wordle. I urge you guys to head over them and waste some time) Wordle: Notorious

3) Blogs: Blogging is hard work. For verification, check out Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch's story out on Inc.

4) Infographics: Who doesn't love a good infographic? Via and, a breakdown of what Americans spend their pay checks on. I love comparing my expenses to others and feeling smug. You can too! wheredidthemoneygo

5) Video: YouTube Time Machine allows you to enter any year and see random videos from that year. In honor of my birth year, check out what happened in 1980.

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Five for Friday Pt. 44: 5th Year Blogaversary

Today is my 5TH year Blogaversary! How is that even possible? My life has changed a lot since I started my first blog 5 years ago. Back in 2006 I was living in the crapartment with absolutely no idea of the ups and down the next five years would bring. I started blogging on a whim because my friend Chhimi set me up with one and slowly overtime it woke up a love for writing that I never realized existed.

Today I'm mixing things up. I'm thankful for this blog and I'd like to tell you why:

  1. Improvement- The ability to write for an audience is the best motivation to constantly improve. The way I wrote 5 years ago is so embarrassing compared to how I write today. It is my hope that 5 years now I will be able to look back and see even more growth!
  2. Encouragement-Through this blog people have cheered me on in my fight against our former landlord, the purchase of our first house, my transformation into a "runner", our journey to become a family and my work to become a better writer. Everything in life feels possible with people cheering you on!
  3. Networking-I've met so many cool people through this blog and strengthened relationship s with people I know "IRL" through the conversations here. It's a wonderful way to connect.
  4. Discipline-The key to improvement is to do and do and do. I'll be really honest and say that sometimes I feel like the blog is a burden. I spend a lot of time working to make the blog what it is. Sometimes I feel uninspired but the discipline of knowing people will visit to see if I've posted something keeps me going. It's because you come that I constantly challenge myself to try do things better.
  5. Fun!-The public nature of this blog encourages me to cook and write and build decks! It's because of this blog that I've eaten some of the most delicious food in the world and put more effort into doing things I used to only dream of!

A few weeks ago Nicole posted the following video of Ira Glass talking about Improving. Thank you so much for giving me a platform to improve over the last 5 years. Over the next 5 I'm going to strive to make you all proud.

Sincerely, La Notoriousa MLE

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Five for Friday Pt. 43

1. Movies - An Education was on my "to-see" list for a very long time and it was worth the wait. I don't know who the art director was for this movie but they hit it out of the park. The writer is Nick Hornby (About a Boy) so of course the plot is aces too.

2. Commercials: I am in love with this Chrysler commercial. It gives me chills. Also? Eminem. Yes.

3. Food: Did you know it was World Nutella Day last week? How could I've missed this? We need to remedy. Let's mix in some bacon. Click here.

4. Design: Are you sick of on-line magazines yet? I am (a little bit), but I'm still going to make room for Adore magazine. They put that awesome Vivienne Westwood Union Jack Rug on the cover, so I had to. They forced my hand. Check it out here.

5. Blog Love: I'm sure everyone in the world has been reading this blog for years except for me. Check out Oh Joy!, who blogs about the pretty and the yummy. Mmmmmmm.

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