Candy and Grace

I've been on a reading streak recently and though I'm not even halfway through Shauna's Niequist's beautiful essay collection I can't help but recommend it based on the passage below. Bittersweet

So these days, I'm on the lookout for grace, and I'm especially on the lookout for ways that I withhold grace from myself and from other people. At first, showing people grace makes you feel powerful, like scattering candy from a float in a parade -- grace for you, grace for you. You become almost giddy, thinking of people in generous ways, allowing for their faults, absorbing minor irritations. You feel great, and then you start to feel just ever so slightly superior, because you're so incredibly evolved and gracious.

But then inevitably something happens, and it usually involves you confronting one of your worst selves, often in public, and you realize you're not throwing candy off a float to a nameless, dirty public, but rather that you are that nameless, dirty public, and that you are starving and on your knees, praying for a little piece of sweetness just one mouthful of grace. -Shauna Niequist from "Grace is the new math" in Bittersweet.

Let's everybody share a little candy, okay? -Em

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