Tiny Food Par-tay

I usually don't care for blogger swag and review copies because it's usually dumb crap like cheetos. There is no world in which I'm going to write a blog post in exchange for cheetos. I have morals and standards people! What I will do is beg, plead and otherwise prostrate myself for a book written by bloggers whom I read regularly. Today I'm psyched to bring you a review of the new cookbook from one of my favorite food blogs Spoon Fork Bacon. Spoiler alert: I love it.

Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park's new book is my favorite kind of cookbook, one written for a specific situation. I like that if I'm looking for something to bring to a party that I not only have a whole book of go-to recipes, I have a book of all super-cute tiny recipes.

I also like this book because it lists food the way I eat it, all fusioned-up. I didn't grow up eating exclusively Filipino food or "american" food for that matter. My family ate everything, chinese, mexican etc and I've always liked mixing it up foodwise.  The first recipe I tested were kimchi deviled eggs with candied bacon. They were delicious and bi-cultural just like me. I felt very emotionally in sync with the deviled eggs. Second bonus? Despite our deep meaningful connection they were still very simple to make. I got all the ingredients at Trader Joes. I had very good intentions of showing you pictures but my egg peeling skills made for some unappetizing looking appetizers. My son and husband were not emotionally in sync with the eggs but this did not prevent them from gobbling them greedily.

Next up I tried out the arepas with guasaca (avocadao sauce). Since I'm currently outnumbered by Colombians in my household arepas were a no-brainer. These were super-easy to make and ready to go in about 30 minutes. Our households chief Colombian/arepa maker was duly impressed by the creation and I could imagine making these in huge quantities for a party and letting people build their own with mixed fillings. Look out for your invite to the Tiny Arepa Party. Wha-what?!

I think the last thing to mention about this book is that it has pictures of every recipe. Some people are very serious cooks who do not need pictures. I am not one of those people. I want a big fat, beautiful picture of each dish to inspire me to get off my duff and make a recipe. Tiny Food Party will inspire you. I want to make it all: caprese skewers, tiny lemon meringue drinks, mini-chicken and waffles. It's all on the to-eat list and my crew and I are scheming about possible tiny-food parties. If you like party food, you will dig this book. It's on bookshelves now, so get to it!

Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not compensated or required to write this post. All opinions about the books quality and possible emotional projections of ethnic identity upon deviled eggs are my own.

Posted on October 8, 2012 and filed under Book Reviews, Bossy Pants Recommends.