Kind and Generous Robot Army: Mobilize!

Being mighty and generous are mutually inclusive so everybody attending Mighty Camp this year is fundraising for Charity Water, a very cool organization that brings clean water to developing nations. Have you ever spent some time without clean, potable water? I have and it bites. For me it was just an inconvenience but for many it is a serious health threat and its appalling that so many still don't have access to this basic human need. I'm psyched about the work charity water does and I bet you are too. Here's the deal: Head over to the Mighty Camp Charity Water Page and make a donation. I know you want to because my blog is only read by kind and generous robots. If you give $20 or more I'll send you a print of my Brave Robot picture because being kind and generous is the work of a Brave Robot indeed. Now get to it! Be bold Brave Robots!

PS-If you contribute drop me a line and let me know so I can send you your print!

Posted on October 24, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.