Big Eat Day 16 - La Super Chile en Nogada

I am on a quest to know become an encyclopedia of deliciousness. As part of this quest I am eating 100 items off of 7 X 7s Big Eat list in San Francisco. It’s hard work but someone’s got to do it. Arnold is a teacher which means that Labor Day weekend marks the division between the easy living of a one-working parent family to a two-working parents family. Usually we spend the weekend stewing in the dread of our lives going from easy living to exceedingly hectic. Not this year. This year I got smart and booked an escape to the city. It was time to go on our very first family Big Eat.

#47-Pierna Enchilada Torta at La Torta Gorda

La Torta Gorda is a gem. It's tucked away on 24th street near the top of the Mission and from the moment you walk in its obvious that it is a restaurant run with heart. The space is sweetly decorated with a pale pink ceiling, serious San Francisco style moldings and a lovely back patio.  We elected to enjoy the outdoors and ordered the specified torta, a "vampiro" (beet-orange juice combo) and on impulse a new-to-us dish that I saw in the window called chile en nogada.

The "vampiro" came out first. Did I totally order this based on the name? Yes. The "vampiro" came in a plastic goblet larger than my child's head and was deliciously beet-y and refreshing. Also? You get to feel saintly when you drink beet juice. This is important to your psyche when you are about to get crunk with your meal plan.

Next up came the Torta. I am a torta fan and this one was good. The bread was soft yet crunchy. The fillings were fresh and on point but I believe the pork filling is what got this one on the map, it was heavenly. Crisp and fatty and salty and everything that pig aspires to be. It was mixed in with small chunk of pineapple which kept everything in perfect balance. We got the "Jr." size and it was more than enough.

It's obvious to me that the people who put the torta on the list have not tried the chile en nogada because the moment I saw it my torta became irrelevant.  I mean that sincerely and I am a person who is very reverent with tortas.

chile en nogada la super torta

Chile en nogada is a poblano chile filled with the world's most delicious picadillo of ground beef and fresh and dried fruit. On top of this amazingness is a creamy sauce made with walnuts and sherry. The top of the dish is coronated with pomegranate seeds and parsley. Chile en nogada is a dish to eat when you are ready to blow-it-out! Mexican food expert Lesley Tellez from the M'ija Chronicles described it as baroque which is perfect. It is Liberace style food. Decadent and wonderful and everything that you did not know you needed.

Verdict: Go to La Super Torta and bow down to the queen. Tell her you were sent by her most loyal servant La Notorious MLE.

PS-For a more detailed description (and recipe!) for chile en nogada check out Lesley's wonder blog here.

Posted on September 17, 2012 and filed under Project EAT, SF Big Eat.