Big Eat Day 15-House of Prime Rib

I am on a quest to know become an encyclopedia of deliciousness. As part of this quest I am eating 100 items off of 7 X 7s Big Eat list in San Francisco. It's hard work but someone's got to do it. # 46 Prime Rib at House of Prime Rib

About a year ago my friend and I were both at the tail end of lengthy and frustrating job searches. At some point during the process we decided that we would celebrate (our eventual) new jobs by hitting up a SF institution. When we both locked down great new positions we made it happen. The House of Prime Rib has been serving up insane amounts of red meat since 1949. It was time for us to find out what all the fuss is about.

The ambiance of House of Prime Rib is really interesting. It's very fancy and homey and old school but also strangely dated. Our booth sported a pink and mauve fresco featuring kitty cats picnicking in a forest green+mauve color scheme. In a way though the datedness makes it even more endearing. Fancy but not stuffy it is obviously a place for a special jtreat (many around us where celebrating family birthdays). The House of Prime Rib feels like a well-loved piece of furniture, well-made and not pretentious.

The first thing that House of Prime Rib serves you is some A+ Plus sourdough and restaurant butter. You KNOW what I mean by restaurant butter. It's the butter that compels you to slather it on with an abandon you would never use in your own home. I loved the bread. Sourdough in the city just feels right.

At House of Prime Rib you don't choose between entrees. You choose what size of Prime Rib you think you can handle. The sizes range from very large to insane. After you've eaten a loaf of bread and some (ahem) butter it's time for prime rib! The servers come by with this extremely alarming... uh meat transporter thing? Wait, it's a mobile carving station. Yay vocabulary!

Sorry for these pics, they are from my phone (camera fail). These pictures make it look really gross, it was strange but not gross. It is fun/scary to watch them slice off your Prime Rib. I am not too faint of heart when it comes to ingesting either meat or fat but I swear I felt my arteries closing up when I saw how large my serving (smallest size available) was.

Did I mention that it was served with dinosaur sized-sides including Yorkshire pudding, bakes potatoes, creamed spinach etc? I feel a little alarmed just looking at the pictures again. It was a TON of food. If you have friends that rejoice in large quantities and friendly service by all means take them here! I thought I would pass out waddling to the car.

Verdict: Overall I am really glad we went there. It was a fun outing and the staff were fantastic. I feel that it is an experience kind of like Medieval Times, a fun time, but not necessary to repeat. It's obviously an institution and I enjoyed trying it out. I think ones experience of this restaurant greatly depends on their wish to eat large quantities of Prime Rib. Me, not so much, but maybe you want to! If you do, I can't think of a better place.




Posted on August 27, 2012 and filed under Project EAT, SF Big Eat.