The First Husband by Laura Dave-A Beach Read to Burn Through

People have different requirements for summer reading. Some like to keep it light, only chick lit and cheap romance novels need apply. Others need adventure; a certain series of dystopian young adult novels could fit that bill. Those among us with more “elevated’ tastes might devour a good historical biography. Personally I have a need for speed. I want a book that’s pacing makes me want to dig in the way the Orange Chicken at Panda Express brings you sniffing through the door, that is to say happily/against your better judgment. The way I see it the best part of reading on vacation are the long luxurious stretches of uninterrupted time. Summer is the time to pick up a book and then put it down finished and devoured four hours later with a smile on your face and a twitch in your eyelid.

I’m happy to report that Laura Dave’s new novel “The First Husband” perfectly fits the burn-pace beach read bill. Out of necessity (poor planning regarding the book launch date) I ended up reading this in an enjoyable four-hour frenzy. The pacing of this book is perfect with a mini-cliff hanger/shocker that propels you forward to the next chapter. Just when I would lose interest in the protagonists’ predicament Laura’s excellent pacing would pull me back in and propel me to the next chapter, eager to find out what happens next. This book reminded me of a romantic comedy; as I read it I could already see the trailer in my head. Whether you are a fan of that genre would probably be a strong indicator of whether you’d enjoy this novel. Bridget Jones’ Diary is one of my all-time favorite book/movies so I’m a solid recommend on this book. To learn more about “The First Husband” by Laura Dave, visit the BlogHer Book Club’s discussion here.

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Posted on May 30, 2012 and filed under Book Reviews, Bossy Pants Recommends.