The Moment

Lately life has been intense and it's really passed the stage where Dan Dan Noodles can work their magic. It's hard to grasp but it's really that crazy.

My cousin wrote me the other day and said "Do you think we're being tested?" and somehow the question has really stuck with me. I think it's because I wonder how I'll look back on these days where several of my greatest fears are hanging like anvils in the sky. Am I brave? In denial? Being over-dramatic? Was it a test and did I pass or did I fail? Only time will tell but right now I look at these days and feel a sort of bewildered gratefulness that for once even when everything is coming apart at the seams that somehow it's okay.

I read the book above a little while ago. It's a collection of short stories, perfect for someone like me who likes to read before bed only to collapse after one page. Each short story tells about a critical moment in the authors life. Some were "big moments" like graduations and births, others were smaller moments like the first time a young child realized their parents lives did not revolve around them. Like many people who enjoy writing as a cathartic activity I constantly narrate my own life into a series of moments, so I enjoyed reading about other reflections. I think you would too, I recommend the book.


Posted on April 9, 2012 and filed under Book Reviews.