Big Eat Day 14-Going Gluten-Free Pt. 1

I am on a quest to become an encyclopedia of deliciousness. As part of this quest I am eating 100 items off of 7 X 7s Big Eat lists in San Francisco. It's hard work but someone's got to do it. After the success of my epic Birthday Big Eat it was decreed that among our friends we would stop doing birthday parties with gifts, cake etc and instead... well Big Eat for everybody's birthdays. My friend Debi recently had to go gluten-free so for her birthday, we set out on the very first gluten-free Big Eat.

Debi-Livin la Vida Gluten Free

#40-Rice Burger at Sandbox Bakery

Rice Burger at Sandbox Bakery

Sandbox Bakery is located in Bernal Heights which I somehow have never been to. A tragedy indeed because 1) it's adorable and 2) Sandbox Bakery is there. The Bakery itself is adjacent and full of intoxicating smelling pastries there were most defenitely not gluten-free but the rice burger was gf heaven. The flavor was excellent and the texture of the tofu reminded me of fois gras (sans guilt). It was creamy and rich and asianly delicious.

Verdict: Rice Burger, I'm not going to play coy. I've been thinkin on you.

Carnitas Taco at La Taqueria

#41 Carnitas Taco at La Taqueria

I'm going to level with you. I do not know why this is on the list. Was it good? Yeah. Did it change my life? Not in the least. I'm not sure if we went on an off day or if the list-compilers have a sentimental fondness but none of us found this taco to be extraordinary in any way. Solid? Yes. Would I eat it again? Sure, but you don't drive around on a scavenger hunt to eat average tacos, not in California and certainly not in the Mission.

It makes me wonder if this is an institution or if there is some sort of ambiance that I missed out on? I wasn't able to go inside because it is located on one of those chunks of Mission St. where it's almost impossible to drive let alone park. We ended up dropping someone on the curb in a hysterical flurry and then eating these double-parked packed in the car. Our universal reaction was 'meh'. I feel that eating food in the car was a more exciting event than these tacos. Plus they had pinto beans in the tacos. I do not approve of pinto beans in my tacos.

Verdict: Carnitas taco, you left a taco-shaped whole in my heart.

Why on earth are these tacos so mediocre?

Deflated by the bad weather (drizzly-boo San Francisco!), the fact that our next stop (Mission Chinese) was closed and the feeling that this day was not living up to the level of Birthday fun that I wanted for Debi we stopped to re-group. And by re-group, I mean eat Salted Caramel Ice Cream at Bi-Rite and buy random stuff at Tartine. Ooh, Aaah.

Afterwards we were revived enough to eat... more dessert. More on that next time. ;)

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