Noodlemania Week #4-Learn from my Mistakes

Much as I would like to pretend that everything I turn out in the kitchen is perfect/edible this is not the case. Week #4 doesn't look so bad on the plate, but it was not that enjoyable on the palate. It was dry and not too tasty and did I say dry?

I'm learning over time that one of the most important techniques to master in noodles dishes is balancing the sauce to noodle ratio. Too much and everything is soup and the noodles get soggy, too little and you get Week #4 noodles, dry and tasteless.

You might be wondering why I am bothering to post about noodles that tasted terrible. I want everyone to remember that learning to cook is always a process and the mistakes you make are as important as the successes. I have made the sauce/noodle mistake several times in several different ways already (see Pad thai round two) but each time I learn something new not to do and develop a deeper understanding of what to do.

So on week four here's to celebrating mistakes made and lessons learned! What's the most recent/most interesting/most instructive mistake you've made in the kitchen?

PS-Also, here's a list of common mistakes. I've made most of them multiple times. I am an impatient and slow kitchen learner.

Posted on February 22, 2012 and filed under Noodlemania 2012, Project EAT.