Noodlemania Week #3-Pad Thai

Pad Thai Pad thai is an accommodating meal. It has a huge dose of carbs to give you the happies (albeit temporarily and a sauce that holds sugar, salt and sour in perfect balance.

Did you want some crunchiness? It has peanuts!

Did you need something succulent? Shrimp for you!

Do you have celiacs? Welcome to pad thai's gluten-free universe.

Homey? Two words: fried egg.

It is truly everything to everyone and a snap to make. I've tried out some different recipes but I really like this one which describes the dish as "pleasantly funky with fish sauce and comes from acclaimed Portland restaurant Pok Pok. Even my kid ate it! Thank you pad thai, you complete me.

Side Note: Despite putting on a heroic effort, I could not procure sweet preserved radish. The dish was still very good without it. Also, make sure that you soak the noodles enough to soften them completely, otherwise they will soak up too much sauce and be overly dry. I mean, I'm just guessing. I definitely didn't get overexcited and make a second batch and was in too much of a hurry and made dry pad thai. I would never!

Posted on February 14, 2012 and filed under Noodlemania 2012, Project EAT.