Noodlemania Week #1-Jamie Oliver's Chicken Goujons with Noodles

Chicken Goujons with NoodlesChicken Goujons with Noodles

I usually get home at 5:30 and turn out dinner by 6:00 pm. I am quite lit-er-ally (insert Rob Lowe's Park and Rec character voice) on the 30 min. meal plan. Jamie Oliver said that this meal would take 4 minutes and 41 seconds to make. To that I say "Sign-me-up-Señor Oliver"

This meal was outrageously delicious considering how simple it was to put together. I think the secret is the onions and honey together, asian dishes are so good at balancing savory and sweet. As a bonus I had all the ingredients in house. No shopping necessary.

Party time. Excellent.

Let's go.

Chicken Goujons with Noodles

Adapted from Jamie Oliver's cookbook "Jamie's Dinners"

Ingredients for 2 servings: 8 oz egg noodles (use what you like, I used DanDan Noodles because I keep them on hand), 2 Tbs oil, chicken thighs (throw in as much as you want to eat, a typical portion is 4 oz. per person), 1 small piece of ginger, peeled and sliced, 1 fresh red chile (sub red chile flakes if you don't have them), 1 tsp five-spice powder, 3 green onions (sliced-I used way more than three because I am an unrepentant onion lover), splash of soy sauce, 1 Tbs of Honey, cilantro and lemon

Cook the noodles. While they are cooking heat up oil then add the chicken thighs (cut in smaller pieces) ginger and chile. Toss together then add the five-spice powder. Once the chicken is browned, add the green onions, soy sauce and honey. Drain the noodles then add them to the pan along with the cilantro. Squeeze with lemon if you like. Sit down on the couch and eat greedily with someone you love, or the TV. Either will do.

I'm making noodles once a week until the end of 2012. Have a recipe I should try? Send me the link! 

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