Mil Gracias

A few cool things happened last week. The first being that Rick Bayless saw my cookbook project and gave it a shoutout on Twitter! Nice, right?

 Besides sharing a name,Emily Bayless & I share having made evry recipe n Mexican Everyday (n 1 yr)!Check out her recap:

Too bad my poor punctuation gave him the false impression that my name is Emily Bayless. I feel bummed about that because Rick and his colleagues are so nice. Not only did he tout my project, he also dm'd me congratulations directly at the midpoint of the project... and both the producer of his television show and one of the photographers/testers who worked on the cookbook e-mailed congrats through the blog.

Can you believe that? These are immensely talented people and they were so kind to take the time. After spending a year in that cookbook I have so much respect for everybody involved in making that TV show and those books. Now that I know how much it takes just to cook all the recipes (and simple ones at that!) I cannot even imagine the effort it is to produce a quality cookbook and to get social media pats on the back from the people who made it all happen? It felt awesome.

So once again, I must thank you guys! Thank you for all the encouragement. Thank you for the tips and advice. Thank you to my friend Dahlia who helped me to do some food styling when I couldn't stomache taking one more crappy picture of the delicious food I was turning out. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! On Monday I'm launching a new food project. If it turns out half as fun as this one, it'll still be a raging success.

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