Big Eat Day 11-Birthday Big Eat Part 1 of 5

I’m eating 100 Items off of 7 X 7s SF Big Eat List. You can see the rest of entries to this series here.

For my birthday last fall my friends took me to the city to Big Eat for a day. We thought it would be a kind of leisurely day. We'd eat, wander around see some stuff and eat some more. We totally followed that plan, if you cut out everything but the eating.

#28-Apple Fritter at Bob's Donuts

In a nod to normal eating patterns we thought we'd start with pastries. Bob's donuts is a small hole in the wall on a street that I don't think I've ever seen before which is weird seeing as I grew up around these parts. At first bite the apple fritter was relatively unremarkable, but as we kept sampling it something weird happened. It got better? Perhaps it made the list because it has magic properties of persuasion?

Verdict: It was good, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Donuts at Bob's Donuts

#29-Egg Custard Tart at Golden Gate Bakery

Big Pastry Box-Little Door

Golden Gate Bakery is an institution and it's Egg Tarts are legendary. So much so that you will buy a dozen of them for 5 people and ignore the cranky Chinese ladies behind the counter when they throw a Cantonese hissy fit cause you didn't see the "Don't take pictures sign".  The lingering shouts of "Respect the sign. Don't take pictures" will fade into the distance as you bliss out in egg tart heaven. The crust is incredibly light, you can practically feel the individual layers, while the custard somehow tastes like egg without being off-putting. I am not a huge egg fan but I had to stop myself from hoarding all 12 for myself.

Verdict: Don't take pics. Just bring cash and your appetite.

Egg  Custard Tarts from Golden Gate Bakery

#30-Hamburguesa at Don Pisto's

From Golden Gate in Chinatown it's a short walk over to Don Pisto's in Little Italy. We were planning our first "meal" of the day to be brunch at Don Pisto's which is kind of a hipster Mexican place. Everything there was good. We should know because we tried about half the menu.

Breakfast Delights at Don Pisto's

The crowning glory however was the Hamburguesa, a burger that is marinated in bacon and onion. Yeah, you heard me right, marinated in bacon. When it arrived at the table it seemed unassuming compared to the chilaquiles and tacos and other fancier food we had just eaten. Upon reflection I believe that it's humble appearance is all part of the hamburguesas devious plan to charm you. The second you get close to that thing the intoxicating pull of bacon hits you in the face. The smell is crazy town and I mean that in the best possible way.

I would show you pictures of  us eating hamburguesa but our facial expressions are indeecent.

Verdict: Hamburguesa, where have you been all my life?

Hamburguesa at Don Pisto's

Did that seem like a lot of food? Probably, but we haven't even scratched the surface. This is a FIVE part series. :)


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