Big Eat Day 10-Business with Shrimp on the Side

I’m eating 100 Items off of 7 X 7s SF Big Eat List. You can see the rest of entries to this series here. Can I share a pet peeve? It pisses me off when bad food is served at work conferences. I know from experience that conference food is expensive and I'm filled with indignant rage when I am sequestered into eating crappy-yet-surely-high-cost food. This goes double when I'm in a city where delicious inexpensive culinary delights abound. I ran into this recently in San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO. Land of delicious food. It was ten kinds of wrong.

Is bad food a serious problem in the scheme of life? Absolutely not. Is it solveable? Heck yeah! When confronted with the steam tables of wilting vegetables, dry chicken and goopy salad dressing I had to say "Enough! I will get fat on good food, not mediocre food". I dramatically(in my head) unpinned my nametag and set off for the nearest Big Eat locale. There were two within walking distance: one was a gigantic alcoholic drink at a nearby bar. That sounded fun and extremely inappropriate. Instead I chose to head down the street for some Soul Food.

#27-Po'Boy at Brenda's French Soul Food

Black-eyed Peas and Brenda's Soul Food

Brenda's is a small shot gun of a restaurant that's decorated in a sort of modern nod to New Orleans. I like modern stuff and NOLA so Brenda's and I got off on the right foot. Also right away they brought me a dish of toasted Black-Eyed Peas. Yum!

Watermelon Iced Tea and Brenda's Soul Food

At this point I was really in a pleasant mood. With a full-time job and a small child I don't get to spend a lot of time by myself and yet here I was in the middle of the day. In San Francisco! And it was sunny! And there were toasted black-eyed peas! I was euphoric, so I decided to splurge on watermelon iced tea. A good choice, it was just sweet enough. I patted myself on the back and left with nothing else to do began to grin at random in an annoying manner at all the other patrons. When the waiter came I assaulted him with my good mood and ordered the po'boy triumphantly and gleefully. PO'boy! Yay!

Shrimp Po'Boy at Brenda's Soul Food

I really have no idea what a po'boy is supposed to taste like but I liked this one, the bread was very squishy and soft, the shrimp were crisp and there was a mayonnaisey, slightly spicy sauce. I like bread, mayonnaise, shrimp and spice, so there's really nothing going wrong there for me.

The sandwich was also served with pickled watermelon rinds (strange but good), cole slaw (nice and crisp) and french fries ( a win every time). I ate it all with satisfaction.

Verdict: Go to Brenda's. Enjoy a po-boy. Call me in the morning.

Posted on January 15, 2012 and filed under Mighty List, Project EAT, SF Big Eat.