Emily Bayless Project #76-Puerco Adobado a la Parilla y Parilla con Camote

I have a list of things I want to do. One of them is to cook every recipe in a cookbook so I’m working my way through Rick Bayless’ Everyday Mexican. I’ve eaten a lot of good stuff. This series is the record of those adventures. Puerco Adobado a la Parilla con Camote: Grilled Pork Adobado with Smoky Roasted Sweet Potatoes

On Tuesday nights we host a bible study at our house. I love the people in the study not just because they provide an amazing environment to ask questions and wrestle with ideas of faith  but also because they bring food to my house. If there was an advertisement for our group it would read something like "Come one, come all. Bring your thoughts, a bible and your A-Game when it comes to snacks."

Occasionally the food erupts into full-blown impromptu dinner parties. On this particular Tuesday in November I sent out an e-mail saying something like "Come to house there will be Bayless pork." Then somehow pork and mashed potatoes and salad, and macarons and etc etc appeared with people at my door. Ah, the power of internet!

The pork that birthed this dinner was satisfying. A pork tenderloin can be a bit bland but the rub included a healthy amount of ancho chile powder which gave a lovely warmth to the meat. Also that little itty-bit of pork somehow fed seven satisfied people for dinner. A true loaves and fishes moment.

Posted on December 14, 2011 and filed under Emily Bayless Project 2011, Project EAT.