Emily Bayless Project #73-Escabeche de Pollo Asado con Verduras de Temporada

I have a list of things I want to do. One of them is to cook every recipe in a cookbook so I’m working my way through Rick Bayless’ Everyday Mexican. I’ve eaten a lot of good stuff. This series is the record of those adventures. Escabeche de Pollo Asado: Grilled Chicken Breasts with Yucatecan Spices

Each time I cooked a Bayless recipe for the first time I noted who was with us for the meal and anything significant that happened that day.  Overtime the Bayless cookbook has become not just a source of inspiration but also a record of our year, the happy days we spent building our deck and the special events we shared with special people. we made the chicken dish above for Elian's godparents before we attended the baptism preparation class that kicked my ass which is fortunate because it's best to eat kick-ass chicken before an ass-kicking.

Sharp eyes might notice that the lovely grilled chicken above features a huge diagonal slash down the middle. This is not some kind of remedial plating fancy, it's because I can't figure out how to grill efficiently and cut everything open to make sure it's done.

I lack basic understanding of how to control the heat. It's burnt on the inside, raw on the inside etc. etc. It's for this reason that I generally only choose meat that can still be eaten slightly raw (see beef/fish) but as you know the Bayless project is about trying out new recipes.

Chicken as you know can't be eaten raw. So...

I cooked it, I cut it open. Raw. I cooked it some more! Somehow still raw. Godparents arrive. Chicken smells delicious, but inside? Still raw!!!! Ten years later it was done and delectable but man what a journey. I use a stove-top grill. Is the heat too high? Too low? Should I be covering with foil? Please share your collective stove-top grill related wisdom.

Posted on December 5, 2011 and filed under Emily Bayless Project 2011, Project EAT.