Summer Nostalgia Week-The DECK!

Back in June I made a "Summer To-Do List". All this week you'll be holding me accountable! Let's be grandiose and call the items on my list goals.  #11-Host a barbeque on our soon-to-be-finished deck.

Deck Before

It's hard to know what to say about what might possibly the world's most perfect deck. Our after-school hours are forever changed ( you can't imagine the relief of playing outdoors with a toddler whose normal speaking voice can only be described as a roar). Per Mark's requirement that the deck be awesome it's built to withstand about 500 lbs or so at any particular point. I really appreciate this because you never know when I might need to suddenly triple my body weight.

Deck During

Even though the deck is truly an architectural marvel the best part about the deck is not the deck itself. It's the people behind the deck. I know that for as long as we live in this house we'll remember that our friends generously gave up most of their weekends for half a year to help us build our backyard into an extension of our home. I'll think of all the Saturdays spent hearing the buzz of the saw and laughter as the deck builders troubleshot their way through each phase of construction.

I'll think of Maya and the way we got to see her grow. When we started the project she was working on sitting up straight by herself. When we finished the deck a few weeks ago she was crawling around on the carpet, inspecting for debris and other signs of inefficient vacuuming. It's all these little moments that make up a lifetime of friendship.

Most of all though, every time I look at the deck. I'll always feel so lucky: to have a home to call my own, a family to share it with and friends whose generosity surpasses all reason.

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