Summer Nostalgia Week-BlogHer & the State of the Blog Address

Back in June I made a "Summer To-Do List". All this week I've been reporting out on how I did. Today is the final day of this series. Goal #9-Attend the BlogHer 2011 Conference in San Diego!!!!

I tired of blogging sometime this summer. I'm sure those of you who read this blog got a little tired of me too. I felt uninspired and overwhelmed and quite frankly sick of hearing myself type! By the time BlogHer rolled around I didn't even want to go. In my mind Blogging=One more chore.

Sad, but true.

BlogHer was just what I needed. There's nothing like hanging with 3,000 women who are passionate about writing and sharing and (insert topic here) to get you going again. I remembered that blogging is an amazing way of connecting with people and new ideas. I went to great panels with bloggers and artists that I admire like Karen Walrond of Chookoloonks and Penny de los Santos who is a food photographer for Saveur and National Geographic magazines. After each session I felt renewed to improve my writing, my photography, and everything that lives in this space. Blogging helps me remember and record all the beauty in the world. The discipline of recording thoughts in this space pushes me to see things with a clear heart.

As summer ends I have a new goal which is to blog less but better. Over the past two years I've hustled hard to post something every week day and it was a great discipline. This year I want to do more with less. I want to work harder on each post with the goal of providing something of value to each of you who visit. I've been thinking about Frank lately and his legacy. This blog will eventually be part of my legacy and I want it to be something that is not merely a catalog of things I've done but a place that encourages others: humor to lighten a foul mood or a bit of beauty when you are feeling low.

Grandiose? Probably. Self-important? Perhaps.

I don't care, I'm still going to shoot for the stars. I did say I was Notorious after all, right?

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