List Love Book Club: De-Stress

Each Week ElleinadspirA Place to Share and I will be working our way through the Listography 2011 Book with a rotating Link Part-tay! To find the list of the years topics, check out the Listography Link above. Today's Topic: List your de-stress recipe

This is pretty timely for me. I'm settling into a new job that requires a longer commute and my husband's back in school for the year which means that all three of our little family are working long days. This Sunday I am running a 10K and last week my husband and I had to literally sit down and plot out when I could go to the gym and run because our schedule is that tight. It makes me long for the days when I was simply too lazy to excercise. That said, being a working Mom has given me some A+ tips on how to de-stress when life gets a little whacky. Here's my de-stress recipe:

  1. Cut back on everything.- Batten down the hatches! I can't worry about returning phone calls on time, non-essential social events, cleaning to our normal standards or walking the dog. I like to do things a certain way(uptight), but I've also learned to let stuff go. As we speak our front yard is a blight on our street. Half-done lawn, half constructed pathway, black tarps everywhere. The whole caboodle. It's been like that for a few months, it will probabably be like that for a few more months. I'm choosing sanity over appropriateness.
  2. Exercise-It is SO hard to find the time to exercise but especially when stressed it makes a huge difference. After my first scheduled "run" time last week I came home positively euphoric. To contrast? I burst into tears immediately preceding aforementioned run. Let's review. Before run=crying in the car in the gym parking garage. After run=cheerfully singing at the top of my lungs on the way home.
  3. Yoga-Sitting down to breathe deep for an hour does wonders for your nervous system. I am totally uninterested in the spiritual aspects of yoga, I lie on the floor and think about what I would like to eat for dinner, and still... it works!
  4. Sick Day-If you are stressed to the point where you are starting to have physical reactions it's good to take a day off, from work, or chores or whatever it is that you do that tires you. Stress is a real sickness, that's what sick days are for, but if you do this, you don't get to "de-stress" at the spa. You get to de-stress at home, with chocolate and a good book.
  5. Pray-Sit down. Beg God to help you calm down. Repeat. I won't lie, this doesn't always work, but it's never hurt me either.
I took the "serious" route to answering this question. I'm curious what other people do. You can link up at Danielle's today or leave 'em in the comments.
Posted on September 28, 2011 and filed under List Love Book Club.