Five for Friday-Not so Subtle Friday before Birthday Edition

1. Everyone is dying to get there hands on Grace Bonney's first book, right? I am. 2. I love Kelly now and forever. The end. Can't wait for the new album to drop.

3. Bridesmaids is coming out one week after my birthday. I feel that it is fate that someone purchase it for me. Like my mixer I'm sending that wish out into the world. I've already called my friend Kim and we've decided that the first viewing will require us to buy a giant, party-size cookie which we will punch assertively and then eat aggressively.

4. As the Rick Bayless project nears its end I find myself eyeing cookbooks like possible suitors. Will you be the next one I whisper sweetly? This is a def contender. After all I should know how to cook my peoples food. I can't rely on my Dad forever. The recipes in this one are not simple but they are quality. I made the adobo last year and my friends happily slurped it up in Tahoe. Support my peoples and buy it here.

5. This satisfies my multiple geek personalities. Chart geek? Check. Design Geek? Check. Wilipina geek who raps along with TI in the car? Double CH-CH-CHECK! Find it here.





Posted on September 8, 2011 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Five for Friday.