Bel Canto: One Badass Book

Recently I started a new job and I've been trying my best to act like a normal person each day. Given my notoriously large and weird personality you can imagine that it's been taxing. Last week one of my new colleagues stopped me in the hall to talk about a project. I was on my best behavior: no slouching, no sarcasm, no wild hand gestures, no uncontrollable babbling about tacos. We talked shop for a minute and then she turned to me and said quite seriously "I saw that you have Bel Canto in your cube. Isn't it an amazing book?" My eyes widened and I hugged her on impulse while simultaneously shaking her slender shoulders. "I have been DYING to talk about this book" I squealed.

Instead of recoiling and slapping me with a harassment suit she hugged me back in a way that only those who have read Bel Canto would. "I understand" she said as enraptured as I.

"I totally get it".

Bel Canto is beautiful and heartbreaking and complicated and real. Every single character felt like someone I could know. By the end I loved them all. It starts off a bit slow but don't be deceived, this book delivers a wallop. It is quite simply great literature. Right up there with Pym by Mat Johnson and I am the Cheer Captain of TeamĀ Pym.

Posted on September 11, 2011 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.