Summer Nostalgia Week-Tacos and Ice Cream and HP oh my!

Back in June I made a "Summer To-Do List".  All this week you'll be holding me accountable! Let's be grandiose and call the items on my list goals.  Goal #5-Continue to explore the upper limits of taco binging.-We are still on a multiple tacos a week schedule. The most recent recipe tested were Tacos Dorados. They were a delicious, holy mess.

Goal #6-Eat an ice cream sundae at Ginger Elizabeth’s-I ate two. A+ for me!

Goal #7-Harry Potter 2-We went, I cried. Now I "need" one of these posters, found here.

Goal #8-The Hell Run-Oops? I missed this one. Nobody's perfect, right? I did sign up to run a half marathon relay in nearly October with my friend Jason. We spent a significant amount of time thinking up our team name, the result "Equipo Burrito".

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