Summer Nostalgia Week-All fun all the time.

Back in June I made a "Summer To-Do List". Sadly summer is coming to a close and all this week you'll be holding me accountable! Let's be grandiose and call the items on my list goals.

Goal #1-Bake Amelie's Plum Tart. This is a fancy cake with a fancy name, Kouign Anna which is Bretonnese. Did you know that Bretonne had it's own language/words? I didn't until I interrogated my French co-worker on how to pronounce and she said "Uh, that is not french." But I digress... If croissants and creme brulee got together and hand some fun this cake would be the result. It is rich yet suprisingly un-heavy. You heard it hear first. Get the recipe here.

Goal #2-See the New Kids on the Block. Uh? I didn't just see them, I got hands-on.

Goal #3-Complete Phase 1 of my Living Room Makeover I'm almost there! Here's a sneak-peek.

Goal #4-Celebrate my Grandma’s 90th birthday in Tahoe with my ca-razy family!-Check and Double Check. Bonus points for playing two rounds of mini-golf and daily naps.


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