List Love Book Club: Kickin it Old School

Each Week ElleinadspirA Place to Share and I will be working our way through the Listography 2011 Book with a rotating Link Part-tay! To find the list of the years topics, check out the Listography Link above. Today’s Topic: List who you hung out with in elementary and middle school

This is the easiest list ever.

1. I can't remember too clearly who I hung out with in elementary school except for my best friend Malia, who didn't attend my school. I guess this means I am old/forgetful.

2. In Junior High I hung out with pretty much all the people you see on this blog in a semi-regular basis. This either makes me great and managing long-term friendships or a Category 5 Clinger.

Is it weird that I have a lot of my junior high friends still? I think it's a little weird, especially since I don't live where I grew up.  Torrie's got the link today!

Posted on August 30, 2011 and filed under List Love Book Club.