For Frank

Yesterday at work we unexpectedly received news that one of our colleagues had died over the weekend. We didn't work together directly and I didn't know him well. He was always known for being polite and kind in the break room. He had a cheerful sincerity that we had all remarked upon at some point. We called him Friendly Frank, it was a term of endearment. We were practically strangers and yet he left a legacy of smiles and encouraging moments in my life. It is often the sum of small things that tips the scale of a day from frustrating to fruitful and he always added to the good. Thinking of him reminded me again of the difference our small actions make. Frank always took the time to greet people with sincerity and a kind smile. If he left such a positive impression in the lives of people he didn't know well, I can only imagine what he left behind for those close to his heart.

Posted on August 17, 2011 and filed under Uncategorized.