Emily Bayless Project #57-Frijoles de la Olla Tradicional

Confession: I don't really like beans. I'm sorry, I should love them and theoretically I do, they are cheap and healthy but the taste? It just doesn't... excite me. So I put off making this last set of beans because, well who wants to make something they don't really want to eat. Frijoles de la Olla Tradicional o Moderna: Home-Cooked Beans

I was right about them, sort of. When I first made them, they weren't great. They weren't bad per se, but they weren't changing my world because they are beans. Beans are like plain white rice, sometimes they are comforting and sometimes they are just there waiting for something to happen.

In this case "what happened" was leftover hot sausage from a barbecue and a healthy dose of cilantro. Suddenly I couldn't get enough and I swear that my beans started posing for the photos. You can practically see them "smizing".

Posted on August 21, 2011 and filed under Mighty List.