Big Eat Day 9-Flying Solo

I’m eating 100 Items off of 7 X 7s SF Big Eat List. You can see the rest of entries to this series here.

Storefront of Katana Ya
Storefront of Katana Ya

A few months ago I got some disappointing news. When I got the call I was on a business trip to Emeryville and immediately made big plans to go back to my hotel room and throw myself a pity party with copious amounts of reality TV. I was indulging in this very activity when I accidentally moved my head one inch to the left and noticed that I could literally see San Francisco from my hotel room. That's when I had a little chat with myself.

Notorious Me: You should stop pouting and go Big Eat in the city. Disappointment is part of life and lying around being sad is a waste of your time here.
Pitiful Me: No way. A sad day is what hotel beds and free HBO are made for.
Notorious Me: Seriously? The city IS RIGHT THERE. It's like 10 minutes away. Get off your duff and go eat.
Pitiful Me: I'm not even hungry I might never be hungry againnnnnnnnnnn!
Notorious Me: Enough of you. That is crazy talk.
On a sad day in always-freezing San Francisco the ideal food really is Ramen Noodles so I packed myself in the car, made the arduous 10 minute drive across the bridge and walked my sorry-self to the theater district on Geary to visit Katana-Ya. There was a huge line outside. Promising! Everyone was huddled in small groups and although being alone in a crowd did not help me feel less sad it did help me score a place inside in less than five minutes.

 I was seated at the bar which I liked. I was also by myself which I very much liked. I was enjoying being by myself when they seated the most ridiculously handsome Indian guy next to me. I mean, really, he was so hot, it was alarming. Suddenly having company seemed more palatable. Single ladies take note: Katana Ya is tiny and there were many a hot guy there, all packed in like sexy sardines.

So, let's review. 30 minutes earlier I was sad in my room watching bad-cable and now I am awaiting delicious Ramen and sitting next to a super-hot guy I'll call Ranjit. Ranjit worked with semi-conducturs and was ridiculously charming. We ended up having a really fun meal, he explained semi-conducturs to me and I blah-blahed about adoption and colorectal cancer. This is all far more interesting than it sounds because Ranjit had some serious game and I make everything fun!  I love making friends with strangers on business trips (see: making friends with cabbies). I'm sure his friends were certain he was winning me over and it was just a matter of time before I gave into his wiles and went home with him. They were so smug and drunk there at the other end of the Ramen bar.

HA HA HA. Jokes on you guys cause I'm happily married. You just got MLE'd!

But I guess I was talking about food, right?

That's right. Let's get back to that.

Ramen at katna Ya#26-Chasu Ramen at Katana Ya-The ramen was so comforting. If you need a magic elixir to dissolve overwhelming disappointments and the creeping fear that you might not be smart I suggest you eat a bowlful of Ramen whilst talking to a handsome stranger. In the absence of a handsome stranger the Ramen will still do the trick if it is from Katana Ya. I had the Spicy Ramen which lived up to it's name and them some, but somehow the intense spice was so good! It was as if the Ramen was burning away my bad mood. The noodles were satisfyingly chewy and the portion was huge. I probably could've put my entire head into the Ramen bowl.

Verdict: Katana Ya has Ramen to soothe your soul. Go get some.

Spicy Ramen at Katana Ya

PS-The bathroom decor at Katana Ya also has magic powers to cheer you up. I took this picture to demonstrate...


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