Pym-A Smart Novel for Smart People

Pym_A_Novel This book is a double whammy: It is both smart and fun. Did you hear that world? Books can be both SMART AND FUN! I had forgotten that was possible. No, really I had! I am hardly an elitist when it comes to reading, a quick search of this blog will prove that half of my bedside table is celebrity memoirs, but even I have my limits. Periodically I need to engage my brain.

Enter Pym: A Novel by Mat Johnson. Billed by NPR as a satirical take on race relations and Edgar Allen Poe's much aligned novel of the same name I wasn't particular expecting to enjoy the thing. In fact I put off reading it for awhile, renewing from the library twice before actually getting around to it.

I want to go back to myself a few weeks ago and go all Julia Roberts in Pretty woman "Big Mistake. Huge."

This novel is everything, it's entertaining and funny and action-packed. It's satirical and smart and makes you think about things in a non-tedious way. I wish I could knew how to tell you about this book without giving away the amazing and ever-more delirious plot so instead I'll just tell you this. I have not been so desperate to finish a book since I read Harry Potter 7. Well done Mat Johnson. I want to be like you when I grow up.

Ck out the NY Times review of Pym here.

Posted on July 20, 2011 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.