NKOTBSB Part 3-Dance Off with Nick Carter

Did I mention that the Backstreet Boys also performed at the concert? Backstreet Boys concert in San Jose-NKOTBSB

Not being a Backstreet fan I wasn't really sure how I felt about this addition. I do know a shocking amount of lyrics due to their insane popularity while I was studying abroad in Chile but if you asked me which was my favorite, I'd say "Uhm? How many are there?"

For shame. I should go to Boy-Band fan prison for this offense.

I was however really looking forward to one part of their performance though and that was hearing "Everybody (Backstreets Back)". I love it when Boy Bands come out with the requisite "We don't care about the haters" anthem (see "Games" and "Celebrity" for additional examples) and Backstreet's was a particular favorite. With a super-loud bass line and fresh lyrics like "Am I original? Yeah Yeah. Am I the only one? Yeah Yeah." it was a can't miss pop-moment. My favorite part is when Nick Carter (researched their names in preparation for the concert) asks us (I assume rhetorically) "Am I sex-u-al?" in his dirty-boy voice. In the video he sings it while dancing as a Mummy! (3:30)

Here it is for your reference. Please enjoy the Phantom of the Opera makeup. I did.

Since the first moment I heard that song in Santiago, Chile I thought the line was hysterically awesome and when I realized I would be hearing it live I was psyched. I talked about it non-stop on the way to San Jose. "I can't wait to hear this live, it's going to be awesome" I babbled on and on! "I'm sure he's going to do a sexy-dance while he sings it!" (cue me demonstrating body-rolls for my fellow-concert-goers).  I could NOT wait! So great was my enthusiasm that by the time the big moment came several people had cameras pointed at me to record my sexy-dance off with Nick Carter. "C'mon" I yelled at the stage "Show me what you got boy!"

I wish I could tell you I look awesome in those pics, but apparently my sexy-dance is not that hot when recorded by stop-motion photography.

Nick however did not fail me though. He was a drama KING. He dramatically ripped the top of a plastic water bottle and threw it all over himself before doing a body-wave/hip-roll combo that my friend Deana described as "circling his Johnnie." It really made my life. I wish you were all there to savor the moment.

Shortly after that moment I realized that my feelings of bewildered besument is probably what the rest of my world experiences when I babble about the New Kids on the Block." Is that what other people think about me?" I mused while I observed 20-somethings all around me faint watching Nick "circle his Johnnie".

Donnie Wahlberg shirtless at San Jose

I felt like I was on the verge of a major existential discovery, but then I got distracted because the New Kids were back and I was too busy swooning while Donnie Wahlberg ripped off his shirt.

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