The Bright Side

A lot of times my life is amazing, it's full of adorable toddlers and tacos! Sometimes though life is not at all fun. I'd like to share some not-at-all-random examples:

  1. You are being audited by the IRS.
  2. Your plumbing backs up (again) spilling toxic sludge into your laundryroom. This toxic sludge evaporates and infiltrates your banking account somehow magically removing funds.
  3. You are at the courthouse for multiple hours (again) to continue filing the never-ending adoption paperwork for a child that screamed from 6 pm-7pm the night previous.
  4. The funding of your work project is best described as "unpredictable"

I know! You all are so jealous. :) You want to BE ME! I'm not saying all this stuff to whine (yes I am). I am saying it because blogging can give the impression that people have perfect lives which is not true for anybody. My life is blessed but it is not perfect. For every chocolate fest there is a disaster and somedays I just want to crawl under my desk, polish off a plate of cookies and hide like so...

But ( I hope you knew there was a but!) even when life is feeling crappy, and your crapper is not complying there is always something to celebrate. A few more not-at-all-random examples.

  1. You got Invisalign braces. (Cue the funeral march of your frankenteeth)
  2. The comforter you've been wanting since for-ever from Anthropologie went on a magical sale and your put-upon husband agreed to the "too-bright" design.
  3. Your child started sleeping thorugh the night again.
  4. Your running Bay to Breakers this weekend with all your friends.
  5. You received a Twitter DM from Rick Bayless congratulting you on being 1/2 way thorugh your cookbook project.

and oh yeah. Your friend completed her LAST round of chemo!



Posted on May 11, 2011 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.