Five for Friday Pt. 52-Chocolate Edition

Remember when I went to SF and ate a lot of chocolates? Yeah, that was nice... for me. Now it's going to be nice for you! Here are my five favorites from the sea of 50+ vendors of chocolate wonder. Thank me now for sharing my wisdom and thank me later when you ingest the deliciousness.

Side Note: As I wrote this post and visited the web-sites of each chocolatier I realized that I probably ate about $100 worth of chocolate at the salon. DEAL! The chocolate salons are held all over the country. I suggest googling to see if there is one coming to your town.

1. Umami Truffle at Salt Side Down Chocolates: This CHANGED my life. Salted Caramels and salted chocolate type things were a huge trend at the show (duh) but this was hands down the best. It was an umami/chocolate explosion in my life.

2.Toasted Coconut at NeoCocoa: This was like a blanket for my tongue: sounds weird, tastes awesome. This particular place was a favorite all my whole posse. The pretty much serve exclusively truffles and the quality is insane.

3.Sriracha Chocolate from Socola Chocolatiers: I asked the owner if the Sriracha truffle would burn my face off and she said "Yes, it will burn your face off" with a very serious smile. That's when I knew I had found some like-minded chocolatiers. It's not so much that I need people to make super-spicy food, but I need them to get my weird sense of humor. The sisters from Socola chocolatiers scored on both counts.

These chocolates were weird and delicious. Side note: Please imagine me saying "delicious" with Sofia Vergara's accent.

4. Ginger Elizabeth: Okay, well Ginger wasn't there but she is still the standard against which I hold all chocolatiers. If you had ever been there you'd know why. Try them. I command you!

5. Greater Purpose Wine: Okay, admittedly I confess that this is also not chocolate but I loved this company so much. They donate 55% of ALL of their profits to help children around the world. As the lady standing next to me said "That's no crap donation! That is serious." Indeed.

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