Emily Bayless Project #34-Salmon en PIpian Verde de Ajonjoli

I have a list of things I want to do. One of them is to cook every recipe in a cookbook so I’m working my way through Rick Bayless’ Everyday Mexican. I’ve eaten a lot of good stuff. This series is the record of those adventures.

 As you might've heard our friends Mark and Dahl are helping us build a deck. Originally I had all the greatest intentions of "helping" with the deck, but it turns out for the most part, you don't really need more than 2 people. Also, someone has to watch the kids and cook the food and there is nothing I love better than sharing the fruits of the Bayless project with my loved ones.

Dahl is on dairy restriction because of the dairy-intolerance of the world's most wonderful and loved baby girl which can sometime be a pickle. On a dreary rainy day how do you get something warm and creamy, without using... well cream?

Enter Salmon Pipian. The amazing Lesley Tellez over at M'ija Chronicles says that  pipian is a sauce generally made creamy by smashing nuts in a mortar and pestle. Rick knows I don't have time for those shenanigans so this pipian was made with tahini. Brilliant substitution, right? Let's get to the point though, right? Was it good?

Of course it was! The salmon is cooked in the pipian sauce which makes it tender and flavorful. The pipian itself is an amazing sauce scenario. It's creamy, yet dairy free and the chiles in the sauce give this dish a warmth that doesn't burn. To contrast the heat and tenderness of the salmon, you serve it on a bed of peas and sprinkled with cilantro and sesame seeds for extra spark.

If your friends are spending their Saturdays slaving away in your backyard to build a deck you will want to serve them something delicious, not just regular delicious but a little bit above and beyond. Salmon Pipian totall

Posted on April 6, 2011 and filed under Mighty List.