List Love Book Club: Friendship Qualifications

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Today’s Topic: List the qualities you look for in a friend

You know what, truthfully I am not that picky about friends. I don't look for particular qualities, I have more of an 'innocent until proven guilty" attitude about people. I assume people are great friend material until they prove otherwise which is why I don't have qualities I look for per se. Instead I compiled a list of qualities that my friends have. I have the MOST AMAZING FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD so this list will definitely be gushy.

  1. Good listeners-I could call my friend Justina every, single day if I wanted to and she would always be there with a listening ear. To be embarrassingly honestly during some times in my life I have called her on daily basis. That girl is as solid as a rock.
  2. Forgiving-I may suck at forgiveness myself but I'm not perfect (shocking! I know!) so I do well with people who are forgiving. My friend Lisa is really good at forgiving, she doesn't pretend to forgive you and hold a grudge. She gets mad and then lets things go. I look to her as an example.
  3. Generous-My friend Dahlia is not only currently spending most of her weekend watching her husband teach my husband how to build our deck but she also comes over with cookies on the regular. She's also been making me lemon squares for almost two decades.
  4. Won't run away when things get rough-My friend Debi and I sometimes fight as if we are actually related but when things get touch, I always end up running to her house, throwing myself on her couch and spewing tears all over her throw pillows. IN fact, I actually have my own key so I can literally run away to her house whenever I want and I know the door is always open for me there.
  5. Serve as a Personal D.A. against your crazy-My friend Emily is not only my partner in crime for all things bloggy she is also my own personal defense attorney. When I'm doubting myself she comes up with opening and closing statements that would put her actual lawyer sister to shame. She is so convincing with the pep talks that by the time she's done I feel sorry for my personal demons, they've received quite the ass-kicking.
  6. Encourager-My friend Betty consistently sends me random e-mails at odd hours of the night to give me bizarre compliments. Last week she wrote me the following "Last week I did a post-church hike...and stopped at Safeway to get sandwiches and drinks.  I picked a Gatorade...flavor was "fierce melon"...and I said, "fierce, like Emily" that word is associated with you!"
  7. Food lovers-My friend Marilyn brings me food, like ALL THE TIME. We work together and sometimes she just shows up with cake, which is why we call her the cake fairy. I honestly can't think of one close friend I have that isn't crazy in love with good food. I'm not sure what this says about me, but there you go!
  8. Reliable-I'll make this my last one, but here's the thing: A true friend is always there for you. They are there when times are good and when times were bad. My friends are there to celebrate the good times and they've held my hand in the hard times. Over the past year as I learned to be a Mom I had pretty much nothing to give to anybody around me. I have often been so tired and overwhelmed as to be considered a comatose zombie and through it all my friends were there. I hope that each of you are so lucky to have friends who reach the same standard.

Wow, I think I filled my quota of gushy! So, tell me, what do you guys look for in a friend? Leave 'em in the comments or head over to Torrie's to link up!


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