Five for Friday Pt. 51

1. My friend Tyler posted this last week and I really loved it. I do not believe in perfection. All my favorite people are broken too, including me. 2. Food: TopChef is over but my love for Dale Talde and cookies lives on. Awhile ago Dahlia and I made his Quickfire winning Potato Chip/Pretzel shortbread cookies with caramelized chocolate ganache. I mean, seriously? These cookies were judged to be the best by COOKIE MONSTER. When you are feeling decadent, make them. Half the recipe though, it makes a huge amount. Even Dahlia and I couldn't handle something that calls for 2 lbs of butter. Note: This recipe is not for someone who doesn't cook, it's for cooks who have understanding of cooking technique.

3. Men: Mark Ruffalo in Details Magazine=perfect. Enjoy here.

4. Funny: Sofia Vergara always delivers. You just know it would be fun to hang with her.

5. Blog Love: I found Lesley Tellez's blog The M'ija Chronicles through the wordpress front page. She is a freelancer writer from Texas who is currently living in Mexico City and running a food tourism company. DREAM JOB. She posts about her culinary adventures in Mexico DF and my, my my do they look good!

Posted on April 29, 2011 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Five for Friday.