Weekend Update #48

On Saturday we hosted a fun shindig for my friend Debi's 32nd berfday. Elian was enthusiastic if confused about the situation. When our friend Emily left he ran up to her, wrapped his hands around her neck, looked deep in her eyes and said quite sincerely "Happy Birthday!". I almost didn't want to correct him, it was so frigging cute.

Confusion about birthday ownership aside the party was quite the success. Everybody brought delicious food, but the crowning glory were Betty's bacon-wrapped shrimp. When she pulled them out of the oven, my friend Lisa gasped and said "Take a picture, that is so weekend update material."

I ate approximately 10 zillion of them, you know just to make sure they were up to blog standards.

They were indeed weekend update material.

Posted on March 20, 2011 and filed under Week in Review.