Weekend Update #47

In a strange (yet not uncommon) fit of house rearranging fury I moved all our art and furniture around in preparation for our impending living room makeover. Elian assisted by busting out his fake tools and helpfully pointing out that mine are big and his are little. Big and Little has always been a trouble spot for me so luckily he was there to clear things up. As expected I'm rife with indecision and decorating angst, which I believe is the explicit defenition of #whitegirlproblems. All neurosis aside I am very excited about implementing AB's ideas and a few of mine as well! To prep I moved a lot of stuff around and borrowed a mirror and some lamps from another room to serve as stand-ins for the mirror/sconces. The mirror I used is quite a bit smaller than the size I'm looking for some I really excited to see how dramatic the actual mirror we choose will be. My hope is to thrift one that is one of a kind/economical, let me know if you guys have any hot tips.


Posted on March 13, 2011 and filed under Week in Review.