Five for Friday Pt. 46

1.Food: My Mighty List is quickly devolving into an extended list of places I wish to travel and things I wish to eat. Newly added is the restaurant Alinea in Chicago. I heard it's chef Grant Achatz interviewed on FreshAir last week and he talked not only about his unique style of cooking but about losing his ability to taste food after a near-fatal bout with tongue cancer. Crazy!

Watermelon at Alinea Restaurant

  2. Parties: Also added to the Lifelist? Throw a Crepe Party. I've always been somewhat of a Francophile. This post by the CPB Gallery didn't help matters at all.

Foto from the CPB Gallery

3. Dance: It's hard for me to watch Chris Brown without thinking about domestic violence. I sincerely pray that he's getting his shiz together and putting his head on right because the kid is truely talented. Actually I pray that regardless of talent, it's so sad to see cycles of abuse continue. Anwyays,  I love his new song and he tore it up dancing on SNL a few weeks ago. 4. Cake: Apparently cake is now a 5 for Friday category. Do you like how I say this as if just happened totally out of my control? I made this cake for our Oscar party a few weeks ago and insist that you all make it too. It's brilliant: delicious, dense, sloppy (my favorite) and gluten free! What is there not to love? Find the recipe here. PS-I am lazy/cheap so I left all the alcohol out, but if you make this cake and use it, let me know how it goes!

5. TV: Arnold and I have fallen victim to yet another Vampire series. I have nothing to say in my defense and if you choose to watch True Blood, do not judge me because this show is truely pervy. I guess that goes without saying though, I mean it's on HBO, the channel that has stolen my innocence one episdoe at a time. However in  addition to being graphically shocking it's also brilliant, I love these characters. It's like the more effed up they are the more endearing they become and that is the sign of some great writing. Also this show make me want to speak in a Southern accent, so... uh, if you know me in real life, you can blame Sookie for that affliction.


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