The Creatives-Photographer Jennifer Squires

Remember how we were musing about the necessity of alone time last week? Yeah, I planned that because today I knew that today I'd have the pleasure of introducing you to Jennifer Squires. I met Jen through the List Love Book Club and I'm so glad I did because her work is absolutely gorgeous. As a professional photographer Jen captures the stillness and beauty of a quiet moment. Just looking at her work feels like a break from the busy, her photographs are a breath of air that stretch and lighten the heart. Please welcome Ms. Jennifer Squires to The Creatives.

1. You studied photography in college. How did you come to that decision? Did you enjoy majoring in photography? Would you suggest it to others?

I took a class in high school and I loved it so much I decided to further my skills in college, I now hold two diplomas in photography. If you’re interested in photography I definitely recommend some sort of formal study. There’s so much to learn about lighting and exposure, it’s nice to have a solid base to build on.

2. What is your goal as a photographer? As an artist?

I want to show people the peace and beauty of the world that’s all around us. Encourage them to stop and admire it, coax them to slow down and reflect on who they are.

3. Where do you look for creative inspirations? Who are your muses?

I look all around me and within myself for inspiration. I make photographs of the world as I see it. My current muse is our glorious Great Lakes, particularly Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

4. How does your etsy work vary from other photographic work?

My landscape photographs that are available as prints are images that I truly enjoying making. They help me to learn about myself and hopefully bring peace to everyone who sees them. My stock and editorial photography has a similar sense of design and lighting but is much different in subject matter. The overall scenes are still quiet but not necessarily so peaceful.

5. Do you have a criteria you use for deciding which photographs to list in your shop?

The landscape photographs included in our shop are images that were captured for that specific purpose. It’s rare that a photograph from a stock shoot ends up available from us as a printed piece, although it does happen. I like the images in our shop to maintain a certain cohesiveness; that of the simple, peaceful beauty.

6. Are there other artistic mediums that you enjoy in addition to photography?

I feel like everything in my life is a creative outlet. I love cooking, gardening, knitting, design, and colouring (yes colouring). I dabble in sewing now and again, I love listening to music, and I’m reigniting my fondness for movies.

7. What do you think the number one mistake amateur photographers make is?

Believing that cameras and equipment are what makes photographs.

8. What would be your advice to creatives who are considering art as a career path?

It’s definitely a tough road. Get to know your tools and techniques inside and out, work for other small companies and artists to see what it takes to run a business, then poor your heart and your soul into not just your creations but everything they entail, and put yourself out there.

9. Most of the pics in your etsy shop have a very spare aesthetic. Is that your personal style/signature or just the curation of a single collection?

The minimalism of the photographs in my shop is definitely one of the themes of the collection. My signature style is the diffuse glow of light and how it plays across my subjects.

10. What’s the favorite picture you’ve taken and why?

Almost always my favourite photograph is one that I’ve made from my most recent session. I think it’s because my work is constantly developing so I’m always excited about my newest creations. My favourite today, right now, is of a lifeguard station on a snowy, frozen beach. It’s an image that I made yesterday, I love the lightness, the glow, and the quiet.

11. Complete the following sentence “When a picture comes out just the way I wanted it to, I feel _______

delight. When a photograph surpasses my initial concept and pushes me to create something entirely different and on a level all it’s own, I feel on top of the world.

Thanks for sharing with us today Jen, I think this sneak peak will be a treat for each person who visits. To see more of Jen's work you can visit her website.

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