List Love Book Club: GirlCrushes

Each Week Elleinadspir, A Place to Share and I will be working our way through the Listography 2011 Book with a rotating Link Part-tay! To find the list of the years topics, check out the Listography Link above. Today’s Topic: List Your Same-Sex Crushes

I am such a girls' girl that this is one of those topics that I could go on about FOREVER. For me a Same-Sex crush is a person you admire or want to be like for one reason or another. Here's some famous woman that fall in that category for me. It goes without saying that I have a girlcrush on all my nearest and dearest.

1. Rachel McAdams-Could she be any cooler? I haven't even seen the Notebook but I'm totally on Team Rachel after watching Morning Glory. And how cool was she at the MTV movie awards winning for best kiss? Ugh, she's killing me.

2.Salma Hayek & Sofia Vergara- I admire these two for the same reason. It's not easy to come to Hollywood, with heavy-ass-accents and make a name for yourself. Salma gets extra points for creating projects like Frida. Also? They are both really hot. So there's that.

3. Allison Holker-To dance like that. Can you imagine?

4.Shakira -Wow, I manage to work her into every post. Hips don't lie. She makes me want to speak Spa-nish.

5.Alicia Keys-Talent is always crush-worthy.

6. America Ferrera-I love the original Colombian Ugly Betty, the American version AND The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. So there! Also her hair is cool.

7. Sydney Bristow-Yeah she's fictional. That doesn't mean she's not AWESOME!

8. P!nk-Always original. Always kickass.

9. Hermione Granger-She's smart, she's saving the world and she's a half-breed like me. Viva Los Muggles!

I had a lot of fun putting this list together and I hope y'all do too. I've got the link this week so hook up below!

Posted on February 15, 2011 and filed under List Love Book Club.