Five for Friday Pt. 45-Guest Blogger Edition

Hi everybody, I'm beat from a work trip earlier this week so I'm letting my friend Emily take the reigns today. She is a sexy scientist, tech-nerd and DIY queen who is only rivaled by me in terms of time spent on the internet. Thanks Em! 1) Science: As someone who works in a research science field, news coverage of scientific papers always drives me crazy. The Lay Scientist sums up news agencies' approach to covering science quite well.

2) Tech: is my go-to tech website. They have lots of great information on how to use what you already have on your computer/smart phone and great recommendations for new, usually free, services online. Anytime I'm trying to figure out how to do something, this is the first place I look. A recent find from Makeusof is Wordle where I made this fun iconograph using (PS-From Lat Notoriousa. I looove Wordle. I urge you guys to head over them and waste some time) Wordle: Notorious

3) Blogs: Blogging is hard work. For verification, check out Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch's story out on Inc.

4) Infographics: Who doesn't love a good infographic? Via and, a breakdown of what Americans spend their pay checks on. I love comparing my expenses to others and feeling smug. You can too! wheredidthemoneygo

5) Video: YouTube Time Machine allows you to enter any year and see random videos from that year. In honor of my birth year, check out what happened in 1980.

Posted on February 24, 2011 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Five for Friday.