A Design Nerd's Dream Come True

Remember when I blogged about Ms. AB Chao and how I was Internet stalking her? Well I got brave and took our Internet relationship to the next level when I submitted our house for her advice column. And not only did we make it in, but we are the INNAUGURAL column of the feature. That's right! Casa Perez is #1! Our post went up last night and I love with an everlasting love all her suggestions for our living room. This is not magical realism, yo. This really happened and I am psyched. Help me show my appreciate to Anna by completing the following blog homework:

  1. Go see Casa Perez over at Anna's Blog
  2. Revel in her awesomeness and don't forget to leave a comment praising her generosity, taste and kind spirit.
  3. Come back here and tell me what you like best for implementation!

Ready, set, GO!

Posted on February 21, 2011 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.