List Love Book Club - Inspirational Leaders

Each Week Elleinadspir, A Place to Share and I will be working our way through the Listography 2011 Book with a rotating Link Part-tay! To find the list of the years topics, check out the Listography Link above. Today's topic is:  List leaders you are inspired by

  1. Archbishop Oscar Romero-A bookworm by nature, Father Romero became a symbol of resistance in war-torn El Salvador. When others gave in to the oppressive fear-tactics of a brutal dictatorship he remembered his Christian calling to stand up for justice. He was murdered while celebrating mass in 1980.   
  2. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth-If you've seen The Kings Speech you know why King George made the list but did you also know that he and Queen Elizabeth elected to stay in London while it was bombed during WWII? To me these are true leaders, the kind that stand with their people through good times and bad.
  3. Mother Teresa-She defined strength through humility. She was counter-cultural in the very best way.
  4. Coco Chanel-The woman is the reason we don't have to wear corsets. This is on top of rising from her humble roots as an orphan to build an empire.
  5. Rosa Parks-She was a woman who knew her worth. A role-model for us all.
  6. Corazon Aquino-5 foot 3 going on 15 feet tall. I'd elaborate further, but I already did!
  7. Youth Pastor-When I was in college I was talking with a youth pastor and  and he ended up teling me a white lie to cover up having accidentally shared some personal information about a mutual friend. I didn't notice and never would've except that a few hours after our conversation he came back and said "I have to confess something. I lied before and I needed to confess that. I got flustered and made up something stupid. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have." What he lied about was not sensitive information and was truely insignificant but it has always stuck with me that he felt it important to fess up. I've long forgotten his name, but so many years later I still remember his commitment to being an honest person. A true leader eschews vanity and stays humble: I learned that from a man who wasn't afraid to fess up when he made a mistake.

Okay! That's my list, I can't wait to see yours! Danielle at Elleinadspir is hosting the link today. Head on over there and tell us who inspires you!

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