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Today's post is part of A Hasty's Life "It's in the Bag Blog Crawl". Today I'm taking the torch from La Georgia Paperie to tell you all about what's in my bag. Get, ready, get set. Go!

First off, I have to say that this is my work bag. I mean, duh. It's obviously not a clutch.

This bag is awesome, but we didn't get off to a great start. My grandma gave her to me as a hand-me-down and I didn't like the gold hardware. Then a few years ago I decided that I should be like an Indian princess and wear gold all the time every day as all beautiful Indian princesses do.

After this life-changing decision I was cleaning out my closet and I re-found my bag, set eyes on it's lovely gold hardware and finally opened it up. That's when I discovered the label!

Turns out my bag is BUENO! Just like me. Well actually I am BUENA, but we don't have to get too picky about subject agreement.

B is for BUENO, it's good enough for me!

Now, are you ready for the exciting contents? What does La Notoriousa carry with her every day?

The answer is: not too much. I do not like carrying crap around because I come from a long line of women who pack appallingly large purses full of snacks, alarm clocks and flashlights. You know, just in case! Once my Grandma got stuck in an elevator and within seconds she had produced snacks, water and a flashlight. She probably had a fold-up sleeping bag in there too. But I digress...

The point is, despite my pedigree I am not prepared for most emergency situations. I forget to bring important stuff on the regular. I tell myself that it's part of my charm.

However there are two non-essentials that I always have. Number 1 is my camera. I have a Canon S90 that I love dearly and bring everywhere to practice for Foto School Sundays! Non-essential Number 2 is a mini-tape measure. I have a teeny-tiny thrift store addiction. I use the tape measure to ensure that the items I buy are the correct scale for my house. I know. DESIGN NERD alert!

So, there you go! That's what's in my bag. Yeah, baby, Yeah! Tomorrow I'm handing off the reigns to Semper Fi Mama. If your new and visiting thorugh the blog crawl a big Welcome to you! Come back tomorrow for Five for Friday!

Posted on January 19, 2011 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.