Five for Friday Pt. 37-Salsa Edition

I hope you guys have enjoyed Salsa week! For me it's been a fun trip down memory lane and reminded me that I should remember to dedicate more time to dance. I hope this weekend you can each find a little time to do something you love too! 1) Dance: This is one of the best examples of Colombian style footwork on YouTube. This style comes from Cali and I saw some of it at the Cafe Libro in Bogota. Video truely doesn't do justice to how quickly they are moving their feet. In person it will blow your mind.

2) Music: This is my number one favorite salsa song of all time. Someone conveniently used it for a Salsa movie montage tribute. Win-win.

3) Food: Uh, don't forget that you can eat salsa too! Yum. Hope over to Rick Bayless website to pick up a new salsa recipe to add to your arsenal.

4) Music: Okay, well I tried to keep it to  just one song, but c'mon this is Salsa Week! Here is another favorite song that I think you guys will love too. "La Pantera Mambo" by La 33. La 33 is from my little boy's birthplace, beautiful Bogota, Colombia. Bogota is not known for it's salsa bands so they are somewhat of an anomaly.

This song samples the Pink Panther. Genius!

5) Blog Love: Today over at Raising Colombian Kids I listed Five of my Favorite Colombian Salsa Songs and all week I've been throwing a "Internet Salsa Party" in honor of Melinda's Birthday. I know many of my readers have adopted or are planning on adopting children from Colombia so make sure you all get on it so you can teach your kids to dance!

PS: Local peeps, if you just can't get enough Colombian awesomeness in your life c'mon down to Davis for the Annual Seranata Colombiana on Saturday night. All proceeeds go to finance micro-credits in el Choco. For more info click here.

Posted on December 9, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Five for Friday.